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A Small House in Hot Pink

What I like about the above, apart from the designer’s hilariously bitchy “here, meet a real Indian” moment, is that it’s a surprisingly good take on an Indian theme. All too often (and you’ll see this in desi homes all over the world) “Indian” gets compacted into a sad Rajasthani wall hanging or two, stuck incongruously above a faux antique of the Raj kind, with maybe sari-style curtains or something.

There’s nothing wrong with those things individually, and if you can make them all work together to evoke a sense of India then good for you. But it usually just ends up looking like an afterthought, like a comforting sign to visiting relatives that you still know how to eat with your hands even if you’ve married a white person.

The room above chooses to make the statement with colors and accents instead, which is really clever. I’d never live in it because I need quieter walls if I’m to sleep at night, but it’s absolutely arresting and I’d entertain in it all the time.

Also, I suppose this is when I admit defeat and say yes, we’re a hot pink nation. With orange accents.

You know where I’d live though? In one of these teeny tiny Japanese homes. I really would.

I grew up in homes with lots of space, so when I was little, I was always trying to create little spaces in them for me to inhabit with my imaginary characters. One of my favorite hideouts was a little tent I’d make out of bedsheets, pillows and a collapsible luggage trolley out on the terrace with a bird’s eye view of the city in front of me. When the siesta was over and they came looking for me, I could simply collapse the whole thing, stow it in the corner and go down.

I have very strong ideas when it comes to space. I don’t necessarily mind smaller spaces as long as it’s well ventilated with lots of light. One of the reasons I love living in cities is because living in an apartment is a whole lot like living in my collapsible luggage tent – a smaller space all my own within a large community of people. And for reasons of laziness (nobody picks up after me anymore! Boo @ adulthood!), I’m a very neat and clutter-free person. So how much space do I need, anyway? It’s not like I have a ton of kids I want to hide from. What I need is a vista to look out upon so that I can breathe and sunlight to remind me that I’m not a vampire even though I keep bloodsucker hours.

Sigh. It’s all very A Room of One’s Own. Times may have changed but the needs remain the same, I guess.

I’ll take one micro-house in hot pink to go, please! Hold the orange, double the violet!



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