Human Target: I’m It

05 Feb

Who doesn’t love a hot man fighting for his life? Or, even better, the lives of others? Not me! Hotness, a smidgen of mystery, a hint of romance and a ton of shit blowing up – welcome to Human Target, my new favorite show!

Based on a lesser known DC title of the same name, the “human target” in question is  Christopher Chance (Mark Valley: Fringe, Boston Legal). Chance is the kind of guy who’d usually hire out as a mercenary – and enough hints are dropped throughout the four episodes that have aired till date to make you think that this might indeed have been the case. But something went wrong somewhere (a woman was involved, of course) and now he spends his time acting as a human shield for people with extreme problems of the life threatening variety.

How extreme? Well, in four short weeks, he’s been in a bullet train wreck (with Number Six! Why can’t she be a series regular? I want!), narrowly avoided a plane crash by flipping a jetliner upside down, smashed up the Russian embassy, and fought for his life in a cablecar halfway up a mountain. It was all pretty cool.

The person who doesn’t find it all that entertaining is his handler / associate / friend / office manager Winston (the excellent Chi McBride: Pushing Daisies). He’s pretty sure Chance has a death wish and he’s not looking forward to it coming true. And while they’re all teetering on the edge of Chance’s personal abyss, he’d really like it if Chance would stop being creative in his payment area. Sometimes the sight of cold, hard cash is all a man needs to warm himself. Especially when the bills haven’t been paid and the heating might just be turned off.

Lending the guys a hand is unknown quantity, loose cannon and computer whiz Guerrero (Jackie Earle Haley: Watchmen). Think of all the computer nerd putdowns you ever heard, distill them into one person, and imagine them as really scary. That’s Guerrero. I never thought I’d say this in a series starring Chi McBride but it’s a tossup whom I love more.

We don’t know what exactly binds these three guys together but we can be sure that we’ll find out eventually. And really, in the midst of all the other things that are going on, who has the time to sit down and ponder the imponderables?

For example, there are all the women with whom Chance invariably shares a sizzling chemistry that is never acted upon, who always want to know who he is really, and are doomed to never find out (except maybe for that cute FBI agent who he thought was a $40 hooker but ended up kicking his ass). And oh yeah, somebody’s on his tail, somebody who wants him very, very dead.

In the meantime, things keep blowing up. Sometimes with $900 Molotov cocktails. Good times.


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4 responses to “Human Target: I’m It

  1. Amey

    February 5, 2010 at 4:20 pm

    After that TV tag, do we really need a new good TV series? I vote for more reality TV we don’t want to see till all our regular ones are done.

    • pitu

      February 5, 2010 at 4:31 pm

      I don’t know if it was you, Amrita or Sujoy who recommended Burn Notice and/or Lie To Me. But *someone* did and many thanks to that person. The new loves of my life are Jeffrey Donovan (SWOOOOOOOOON!) and Tim Roth (ooh!). And of course, now my husband thinks I should only watch series with ugly men 😀

  2. Sharon

    February 5, 2010 at 5:28 pm

    Oh, this show!

    It’s uneven (last week’s episode was meh except for the bit with MARK VALLEY IN A CASSOCK) but when it’s good it’s my special crack.


  3. Carpe Caper!

    February 6, 2010 at 2:58 pm

    So Christ-offer Chance (Pe Dance?) to A”Mr.It”A? You (tan)go, girl! 😛

    (Sure I’ve said this before, I clearly don’t watch as much TV as I should. But loved the trailer — not exclusively coz I have a thing for DC-universe heroes, super or otherwise; and you’re right, that Galactica gal does fit the bill. So guess it’s time to go catch the back episodes and put this on my TiVo queue, asap.)

    As for me, Christ-offer Plummer (ergo “Plum” of my dreams — think “REM”) is It — at least since I read the review of The Last Station, yesterday. I also really wanna see Helen ‘The Queen’ Mirren play “the great passion and frustration of [Tolstoy’s] life” Countess Sofya.

    BTW, the “War and Peace” quote that closes the review (but supposedly opens the movie) is certainly one for the times. And “These are people who simultaneously love each other and drive each other crazy, and the bond between them, running the gamut from bedroom intimacies to full-out brawls, is one we absolutely believe” seems to peg your trio here correctly (i.e. if you swap bedroom out for ‘board’room, where they engage in, er, “target” practice, perhaps?).

    “except maybe for that cute FBI agent who he thought was a $40 hooker but ended up kicking his ass” — reminded me of a scene (from the Surya movie Ayan) that’s its exact opposite: Surya-the-smuggler walks into this house full of women doing chores (cooking, chopping veggies etc.), thinking they are his partner-in-crime’s close friends, before discovering that they’re prostitutes in a decidedly comical turn of events.

    Speaking of Ayan, I must share that “Sometimes the sight of cold, hard cash is all a man needs to warm himself” (what a line, AR! — “V. Good”) transported me straight to my favorite song — there’s a “money” shot in the scene right after it! 😀

    And hey, what’s with this week being all about “Chemistry” lessons and Winter Wars? (Molotov cocktails? No Molotov bread baskets? Small mercies, phew!) Good times, indeed. I so wanted to read this post with Unicorn’s “Too Many Crooks” (from the titular album) playing in the background, but instead settled for “Bullseye Bill,” which seemed to work just as well. (Listen to it here if you like.)

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