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A Retouched Ad?

Say it ain’t so! They put out an ad for a beauty product that raises unrealistic expectations in the bosoms of their customers? Good Golly Miss Molly! How shocking! I never heard of anything like that before. Tut tut.


So alright, this is a little extreme and it’s clearly not the teensy weensy touch up that Procter & Gamble insist it is, but have you seen an ad for any kind of cosmetic product lately? Leaf through a magazine the next time you’re in a doctor’s office or salon and check if any of the people in those ads look as though they might be human.

When was the last time you bought an Omega watch and turned into George Clooney? Or put on something from L’Oreal and turned into Aishwarya Rai Bachchan? How about shampoo – does your hair look like shiny nylon now that you’re using the one being hawked by your favorite star? I don’t think so.

The only new information I’ve gleaned from this entire affair is that P&G needs to hire a better PR department that won’t betray the utter contempt it has for its customers and its models by putting out heartfelt statements like:

“The advertisement was placed only in magazine titles aimed at mature women, to whom Twiggy is relevant.”

Well, as long as it’s just the old bags…

Nice. Also bullshit. Steaming piles of it, like so:

I guess I’ll start my battle on another field, thanks.

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