02 Dec

So. This happened.

Like my best friend once said: “Hey, you’re famous on the internet!” And I didn’t even have to take my top off. I don’t know which one of you nutjobs that show up around here sent in my name but a big MWAH! to you. And a big BOO! to the rest of you who never thought of it.


I’ve said it before but it bears repeating (mainly because I’ve yet to express it to my own satisfaction): by rights I should be living in a cave somewhere, scaring unwary campers in the middle of the night as I sneak down the mountain to steal their chocolate and latest paperbacks (oh? Campers don’t take along books? What do they do out there then? How about a Kindle? The fully loaded premium edition? Listen, you deranged hyena, it’s not nice to play with my emotions like that).

The only reason I didn’t take my books and nail up the front door against the invading armies of voluble people bent upon discussing the weather in its infinite variations is because I’m on the internet. Because I write this blog. Because you come here and read it. I know Osama bin Laden has no problems accessing his computer from his cave but I don’t have resources like that (and if I did, I’d be doing one hell of a lot more with it than blowing shit up – what am I? a monkey?) so this is it for me.

The always entertaining Kevin Smith says:

I mean, talk to Harry. I guarantee you Harry is not nearly as interested in Ain’t It Cool News now as he was when he started it, because now there’s a bunch of places out there. Now, he has a never-ending flow of people to talk to about movies, whereas, back in the day, he was a dude holed up in a bed with a bum leg, or something like that…and, “Who can I talk to about movies, except my dad?” He’ll never be lonely again, dude. All he has to do is fuckin’ sign on to his web site and put up a blog, and a thousand people will tell him he’s great, or that he’s a fat jerkoff.

IndieQuill is hardly the revolution AICN was so I don’t know how Harry Knowles feels, but I do know Smith is bang on the money about one thing: as long as I have this space, I’ll never be lonely again. Especially in crowds.

I might come up with an interesting factoid at a party that has all the uncles staring at me slack-jawed with incomprehension and disinterest, I might express an opinion that sends a date scrambling for the check, I might use an expression that makes my mother blush, I might be the only person in the room to have watched a particular movie… but I’ll come here and find someone who is interested in that factoid, wants to debate that opinion, laugh at that expression and has actually seen and loved that movie too.

You probably live on the other side of the world, have nothing in common with me, and we might never meet – but every time you come by, you make me think a little bit more and feel a little less alone.

Thank you.

I say that every year around this time, but now it comes with a nomination and that’s great. It’s even better that my fellow nominees are either people I love to read (you know who you are, baba-log!) or people I wish I’d read before (no time like the present!). But the best part is that you are all here and you will be even after the poll.

Hmmm. I think I hear violins.

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