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The Last Great Indian Hero

… is Fabio. :mrgreen:

Salman Khan in leather pants fighting off ermine cape-wearing Englishmen led by that noted angrez Jackie Shroff by using his “dadda ki talwar“? Mithun Chakraborty in ill-fitting ornate Viking gear? Romancing an English miss in Victorian England (where everybody dresses like they’re Amish) dressed like a 19th century American cowboy with Mr. T‘s taste in bling?

Oh, happy Monday! Are we looking at this generation’s Mard? Going by Neena Gupta’s WTF expression: probably! And well, it is directed by the man who made that other historical epic of our times i.e. Gadar. But the final test as always will be whether the evil English run a blood distillery or make Sohail Khan grind wheat for all of India by himself.

A Cunning Disguise! London was full of men dressed like this in 1875

Englishman One: “My deah, sherry is so passe. Try some of this Rajasthani khoon as the natives call it. 1875 – a vintage yeah.”

Englishman Two: “Thank you, old chap! It goes remahkably well with these biscuits made with native flouh.”

Englishman One: “Haw haw haw. Native flour! Because we ground down the native as well as the wheat. Jolly well said, sir, jolly well said!”

Englishman Two: “Haw haw haw.”

This is going to be epic.

[Watch the Veer trailer here because Eros in its corporate wisdom has apparently decided that the correct way to publicize their movies is to hoard the trailer.]

Fabio this, bitches!


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