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Bhaji at Buckingham

[picapp src=”6/e/f/1/The_President_Of_3175.jpg?adImageId=7430045&imageId=6937420″ width=”500″ height=”365″ /]

“I walk in the door you start screaming
Come on everybody what chu here for?”

[picapp src=”1/2/f/d/The_President_Of_dab4.jpg?adImageId=7430002&imageId=6937481″ width=”412″ height=”594″ /]

“I want to see you all on your knees, knees
You either want to be with me, or be me!”

Our President either finds England unbearably cold or she thinks the English are uncontrollable granny rapists.

[picapp src=”e/a/a/6/The_President_Of_8a16.jpg?adImageId=7430088&imageId=6932155″ width=”500″ height=”299″ /]

PS – lyrics


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