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So… Rahul Mahajan’s playing Rakhi Sawant in a turban. If he has the moobs for it, he’s thankfully keeping it to himself.

Some people would call his a remarkable life. I would term it unfortunate. In the span of 33 years, the man has lived through his father’s shocking murder at the hands of his uncle along with its nasty consequences, an OD-related drug bust and the death of his father’s assistant who was partying with him at the time, a hurried marriage that ended in rumors of spousal abuse, a seedy reality show, and the kind of celebrity that makes you wonder what the world is coming to.

And now comes Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayega, a show that seeks to combine several elements of the kind of shenanigans that made him famous. Bet he didn’t know that one of them would be women inmates from Bhopal’s Central Jail.

Apparently heartened by his attraction to former gangster’s moll Monica Bedi, nine ladies from the Central Jail would like Rahul to live up his wild side and give l’amour a try inmate style:

“These nine prisoners, including convicts and undertrials, have moved applications, seeking permission to participate in the TV ”Swayamvar” of Rahul, son of BJP leader Pramod Mahajan,” Bhopal Central Jail Superintendent P D Somkunwar told PTI today. […] “These women are very much interested to take part in the TV show and after moving applications they have started wearing lipsticks and dressing up, much to the surprise of other inmates,” Somkunwar said.

Sing it sister! It’s Bandini for the new millenium!


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