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Trauma Theatre

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Pop historian Sarah Vowell slips in this little anecdote:

My friend and I went to see The Informant the other night at Union Square. And this mother brought these two kids—both of them were well under eleven. I would say they were seven and ten. At one point, the little girl said, “This isn’t a real movie!” They ended up leaving when the little girl said, “This is SO boring!” really loudly. That’s when the mother got up to leave. And when the little girl got up to leave, she actually came down the aisle riding a scooter. So it was sort of the greatest mid-movie exit of a little girl on a scooter who for some reason was not enjoying a comedy about price-fixing.

Three things:

A) That girl has mad mojo.

B) Her mother clearly doesn’t pinch her arm when she acts out in public.

C) I’m so glad I wasn’t sitting in the audience with them because this would have been a really inconvenient time to go to jail for hissing at a stranger’s child.

Not that there’s ever a convenient time, but…

That mom must have been a huge fan of Matt Damon and/or Steven Soderbergh if she thought she could sneak her kids in for that movie and get away with it. I feel bad for her now.


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