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Ladies and Gentlemen!

There is a great deal of talk about crossover and Slumdog Millionaire and mainstreaming and Anil Kapoor and blah de blah blah blah… but I didn’t buy it.

I didn’t buy it when Aishwarya Rai was giving David Letterman bitchface for asking her politely if she lived at home with her parents or actually had a place of her own. I didn’t buy it when AR Rahman stood on the Oscar stage and said, “Mere pass maa hai“. I didn’t buy it when So You Think You Can Dance got on the Vindaloo Express. I didn’t buy it when Anil Kapoor taught Martha Stewart to make dal before he headed off to teach Jack Bauer a thing or two about torturing the terrorism out of dastardly evildoers. I didn’t buy it when Chris Kattan found meaning as a Bollywood Hero and Times Square erupted in bolly-dance (video above).

[Hmmm, I just read that list over – and it’s actually pretty impressive when you look at it all together like that. Huh.)

But today! Today is a great day for India, ladies and gentlemen. Because today is the day that one of our own joined the ranks of Michael K.’s exclusive list of elegant and refined flowers (distinguished panel includes Shauna Sands! and Jodie Marsh!). Behold:


India. It’s here.


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