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Meera: WTH?

In my usual labyrinthine fashion, I started thinking about Gulzar’s movies last week and it ended up as a bout of Youtubing with unexpected results. On the one hand I finally sat through Lekin in full for the first time and really liked it. On the other hand, Hema Malini’s rather youthful Didi led me to her performance as the title character in Meera.

I never sat through Meera from start to finish either (when it comes to Gulzar’s movies, I find, I’m either riveted or else easily distracted. There never seems to be a happy medium – which is not a necessarily bad thing now that I think about it). Which must be why I don’t remember the music at all.

And now I wish I’d left it like that.

I’m sorry, I understand that Pandit Ravishankar obviously knows what he’s doing, Vani Jairam is a wonderful artist, and I’ve always loved Meera’s bhajans. But that accent…

I just can’t get past it. Plus (and this is rather unfair to Vani Jairam) I keep looking at Hema’s face and expect Lata Mangeshkar’s voice to emerge. Alternatively, I listen to the voice and expect Tamil.

I have a new appreciation today for M’s beef with Sadhna Sargam in Konjum Mainakkale.


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