No Camera ki Kabaddi Here

18 May


So Prakash Mehra has passed on to that great big filmi party in the sky. Raja Sen compiled a best-of list, which reminded me that even though they weren’t all my cup of tea (mostly for nit-picky things like casting decisions), they’re not movies that are easily forgotten.

There is, of course, Zanjeer – the movie that properly kickstarted Bachchan-mania. And with it came a bunch of other things like fodder for a million Ajit-jokes and the sheer fabulosity of Bindu who could even make a chrysanthemum drip oomph.

I mean, she has a big orange mum on her head, people! And still works it.

And how about Laawaris, a movie that’s still being ripped off all over the place and featured Mere angane mein, a song that’s turned into something of a Bachchan trademark alongside Rang barse. Me? I’d much rather watch Amitabh shake a tambourine – with the burning anger of the oppressed!

Justice. I wants it. I sings for it!

Talking of which, one of my favorite Mumtaaz songs is the relatively little-known Kya soch raha re from Mela. How can you not love a song in which she effervescently tells a pouty Sanjay Khan (oxymoron alert!) that she’ll be waiting for him once he’s satisfied his need to go act the bumblebee amongst paper flowers? Ha.

Hera Pheri is again one of those “Was the casting director on crack?” movies and whenever I watch it, I spend considerable amounts of time trying to figure out who thought Saira Banu was just the woman for a tasty Amitabh / Vinod Khanna sandwich. But look! It’s Padma Khanna and her pleather mini-dress!

And the world is magically a better place.

In Muqaddar ka Sikandar, however, I was much more entertained by the romantic Dil to hai dil than Rekha’s mujras. Anytime you show me a tough-guy actor like Vinod Khanna or Amitabh bachchan fantasizing about a girl with a Hallmark dream sequence, it goes straight to my tickle bone. It only got worse when Bill Maher cracked a joke about the impossibility of a shared romantic fantasy between men and women. I forget his exact words but it mentioned how nobody dreams about a man riding up on a shining white horse, gathering a woman up into his strong manly arms to make gentle love on a field of flowers – before coming all over her face.

Inappropriate, hmm? I apologize. Moving on.

To Namak Halal – I had half a mind to just post songs from this movie because I love them all. So the question becomes, do I play my favorite Parveen Babi song or my favorite Smita Patil song? Oh what the hell, no power on earth will make me play anything from Sharaabi, so here’s two from this one:

First up is Smita Patil and AB celebrating the fact that all she has in the world is one blind brother.

And second is Parveen Babi as the golden huntress stalking Shashi Kapoor who doesn’t have a snowbunny’s chance in hell.

But the crowning glory has to be Shashi Kapoor rather violently getting his Shammi on in Haseena Maan Jayegi. Groovy, baby!

Not even Babita and that dead animal on top of her head can ruin that for me.


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5 responses to “No Camera ki Kabaddi Here

  1. Amey

    May 18, 2009 at 9:10 pm

    There’s an ad in that video about “blind brother” about some Lasik center. šŸ˜€

    As for the last video, a. Suddenly I feel like even people with two crooked left feet (like me) can dance. b. How much do you wanna bet that at least some moves were recorded with camera speed set to superhigh, and played back at normal speeds?

  2. pitu

    May 18, 2009 at 9:16 pm

    Ooh, me likey this post! Big B wrote about Mehra’s death on his blog along with (why am I not surprised) the expected rant against (hold your breath) MEDIA PEOPLEZ! :-p He was upset everyone wanted to bring up the supposed fallout between them.

    Anyway, yes, fabu piktures! Zanjeer, Lawaris (did you know, Jaya walked out of the movie theater at the Lawaris premiere because she thought the Mere angne mein song was beneath patidev’s dignity?), M ka S and Namak Halal rocked! I muchly prefer the restrained Rakhee to Zohrabai in M ka S, and while bits of Lawaris were very creepy (that doll! Aieee) it had awesome performances! RIP Mehra saab.

    *sings* Yahalla Yahalla OOOOOOOOOOH Ya Allah! Yahalla Yahalla OOOOOOOOOOOH Ya Allah*

  3. sraboneyghose

    May 18, 2009 at 10:41 pm

    I’m amazed at your knowledge of Hindi cinema…I only knew about Zanjeer although I’ve watched most of the other movies you ave mentioned…I loved Smita Patil in ‘Namak Halal’…A very interesting post…Mehra was the king of popular Hindi cinema…

  4. memsaab

    May 19, 2009 at 9:33 am

    Best tribute I’ve read, I’ll bet Prakash Mehra himself would be very pleased with it. Thanks, Amrita šŸ™‚

  5. Hades

    May 19, 2009 at 2:40 pm

    That first poster is just incredible. I mean, the ingenuity of the human race before Photoshop never ceases to amaze.

    And Maher Saab is brilliant, as usual. šŸ˜€

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