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Bug Chasers

The things you learn everyday. Above is a sample ad (I don’t know if it’s gone out yet) from RAVE i.e. Revolt Against Virus Exchange targeting homosexual men between the ages of 18 and 30, specifically those called “bug chasers“. If you, like me, are hearing the term for the first time it indicates “a gay man who deliberately attempts to contract HIV by having unprotected sex with a man or group of men who are known to have the virus.”

To say this is one of the most disturbing things I’ve heard in my life (and ‘disturbing’ is kind of my end of the pool) is to put it mildly. But what bothers me even more is that this is the first time I’ve ever heard about such a thing.

I suppose it makes sense in one way because I can see how this would play into the hands of the anti-gay lobby but then the very existence of a gay person plays into the hands of those who oppose the LGBT community. You could adopt a starving child off the streets and bring it up to become a Nobel prize winning scientist who finds a way to end famines forever while cleaning up the environment and reducing crime – and there would still be people who think there’s something fundamentally perverted about you being a parent because you choose to sleep with someone of your own gender.

So in a time and age when Daniel “Harry Potter” Radcliffe’s mild case of clumsiness (Dyspraxia: A Motor Skill Development Problem) is making the headlines as a whole new disorder parents should be watching out for, why isn’t bug chasing front page news? (Rolling Stone being the sole exception with a honorable mention for Anderson Cooper as he discusses a documentary called ‘The Gift‘.)

More ads featuring tag lines such as “HIV+ Guys Get All The Attention and Support in Our Community” and “When I Turn Positive, I Can Bareback and Not Have to Worry” below.

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