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Sign of the Times

Have you seen those documentaries where they follow a bunch of Indian call center workers who’re all “Yay! I work for BPO! I make money! I take American job! I very happy! My mother eat food now!” when they’re in the office and then they go outside and they’re like “Dude, this sucks! My boss has garlic breath, my coworkers are idiots and the clients are whiny bitches. I’m saving my money so I can join the Shri Rangaswamy Chinnaswamy Krishnachetty Mudaliar All India College of Outer Pollachi and get that medical degree my mommy always wanted me to take”?

Hmm. Or was it just the one documentary on Discovery or something? Whatever. For a while there I couldn’t get away from them even if I shifted continents. Point being: it was a fascinating look through the call center looking glass and it made the point that while those people are happy to take home their paycheck, their job satisfaction is so low they’re often left wondering why Americans are so mad at these jobs shifting abroad when they suck so much.

How <i>you</i> doin'?

How you doin'?

But reading this post made me wonder if things have now reached the next stage where Indian companies are passive-aggressively trying to get rid of their American clients. I mean, millions of perfectly good English speaking people in India and all this company can offer is Yogesh (<–this guy) who writes the following:

Whose nose knows best? How good are you at smelling the things? Ok wait I don’t want your answer, just play this indoor board game and you are going to prove yourself. It carries various smells including peppermint, burnt rubber, cut grass, and the dreaded doggie doo doo. Aren’t that fun? ‘Big Kids’ too can enjoy and test their smelling power. For the first time, such a cool smell loving site comes up to you to drive you out with more creative indoor games, Entertain & Amuse!

“Drive you out with more creative indoor games” sounds about right, actually. Here’s an earlier post of his:

Are you bored of wearing your daily common used shoes? Than here is the change for you to be more stylish, especially at sea side. Wearing them you can scare anyone making them think about the footprints on the mud. This is going to amuse your children. Best of all, the funny toys site with dynamics imagination regarding the ‘DUCK FOOTPRINT TRAILN’ TRACKS’ has reasonable price to make you buy online. If you are fun loving person than give a look at this site.

Oh well, at least his readers find him cute. (Hey, don’t look at me – that’s what they said.)


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