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It’s Not Racist When Chinese

I wonder if the Chinese think Indians are funny?

Not in a “Why sir, I quite appreciate your sense of humor! You have suddenly become rather attractive to me” kind of way, but in the same sense that Indians (or certain Bollywood-type people)) find the Chinese funny. You know, like in a laugh-and-point sort of way.

When a Chinese person needs a funny disguise, for example, does he darken his face, wrap a dhoti about his loins, drench his hair in oil, and walk down the street wobbling his head from side to side, doing namaste and periodically yelling out, “Batata vada! Samosa! Butten naan! Chicken tikka masala!”

That’d be something to see wouldn’t it? And I’m sure we’d all laugh gently at such silly shenanigans.

“Ah, those funny Chinese,” we’d say. “They crack me up everytime. I always think I can hold it in, but that first cry of ‘batata vada’…! Irresistible. Sheer comic genius!”


No? You don’t think so? Too complex a comedy for our simple tastes? What a pity. i was going to suggest it for that Bollywood theme park YashRaj is building in Dubai.

Hey, what if they combined it with an African-by-way-of-Mongolia accent infused with Japanese flavors? Total winner!


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