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Win Something

Hee hee hee. Ben Head. Get it?

Anyhoo! No, I’m not offering you a giant Ben Affleck head (wow, that sounds dirty) – in fact, I’m not offering you anything (other than my love, of course!). The folks over at InkFruit are.

If you have design aspirations or are really into social networking or, heck, just want to wear tees that aren’t being worn by five million other people, then InkFruit might be for you. However, you can hold that conversation with yourself later – right now, just caption the above pic or make a funny and win a free tee.

That’s right! I’m a blogger with stuff to give away! Woo-hoo! Take it now, coz it ain’t ever happening again.

Caveat: They only deliver in India. But go ahead and make me laugh anyway. I could use it.

Oh, and this contest closes at midnight on Sunday, EST. That’s 9.30 a.m. Monday, IST. Results to be announced on Monday. Is that long enough? Or is that too long? I’m a little new at this. Oh well. Free t-shirt!


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