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This, That & Tag

  • Brad Pitt and Ed Norton sing a song in honor of Terri’s post. (Eight inches wide? I’m gonna take a wild guess and say Taslima Nasreen is a little short on practice.) Extremely NSFW so put those headphones on!

  • So it’s true: there really is one born every minute. Reliance Big Entertainment, owned by Anil Ambani, splashed into the Hollywood pool by offering to bankroll Steven Spielberg, ending months of speculation about Spielberg’s long-in-the-coming divorce from Paramount. Aww, a brave new multicultural family full of drama queens! Now, here at IndieQuill, we’re full of warm and fuzzy thoughts (Shut up. I heard that.) and think this kind of international love-in is great. Remember that scene from the IPL finals where the Indians rushed out to plant big ones on a Pakistani and an Australian for outfoxing the captain of the current Indian team? Couldn’t have imagined it just a year ago, could you? Me likey. However, I don’t really understand where all this Bollywood-weds-Hollywood sentiment is coming from. What, you think Spielberg is gonna make Sholay 2? Kick harrison Ford to the curb for Amitabh Bachchan? Um, I don’t think so. I think Peter Bart pretty much hit it on the nose. And it may well be that the deal’s of greatest benefit to a Hollywood talent agency. Yeah, wtf?! Last word goes to my mother, the sternest critic of them all: “Bah! There goes all his money.” 😦 [Above delightful pic courtesy Nikki Finke, on whose blog the commentators are this close to declaring war between India and America.]

  • Mimi LaRue, 11, R.I.P. There goes my last reason to feel kindly towards Tori Spelling. Hopefully, there are no red carpets in heaven.

And finally, the tag that brought this post to life. Rada of Stepping Sideways took a holiday and brought me back a present: the Book tag. And thank God he did, coz I have something for him! But that’s for another day.

K, so the Book Tag. Everyone’s done this, right? If you haven’t then consider yourself tagged. Turn to page 123 of whichever book you’re currently reading and skip five lines down. Post the next three.

I have odd reading habits and usually am in the middle of three or four books simultaneously (don’t nag me: they’ve tried that before and it didn’t work.) so this is a little confusing. After some deliberation I chose Mary Stewart’s Wildfire at Midnight – an old favorite I’m in the process of re-reading.

Set in 1953 on the eve of Tenzing and Hillary’s historic conquest of Mt. Everest (not as random as it sounds), Wildfire at Midnight is the story of Gianetta Brooke, a celebrated model who needs a break from it all. Unfortunately for her, the much needed Scottish holiday brings with it certain problems – like a killer with an unhealthy fixation for mountains and ritualistic murder. And if that’s not enough of a headache, her ex-husband Nicholas Drury, a broodingly handsome douchebag of an award-winning writer (of course!), shows up as prime suspect. Oh, how I love thee, book of my teens!

The following passage is from the hardcover edition and takes place as Gianetta stumbles across Something She Wasn’t Meant To See:

In that moment I heard the little whimper of pain again, but this time back to my left. I looked back the way I had come, almost giddy now with bewilderment and excitement, my heart thudding, and my legs and wrists none too steady.



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