Because We Need To Talk More…

02 May

… about hot men, let us discuss Daniel Craig (the current Mr. Bond) and Kevin McKidd (the promising but canceled Journeyman) today. With a little Patrick Dempsey thrown in for good measure.

Hey, it’s Friday! We can do things like this. I could even show you a picture of little Mr. Craig. But it’s not “art” (some might beg to differ) so wait till you get home before you click that link coz its most definitely NSFW. Or forward it to your boss if you s/he would appreciate it. Whatever works for you.

So am I the only person in the world who thinks Craig and McKidd (below) look like long lost brothers? Sure, Craig is an Englishman and McKidd is Scots but I think it’s time somebody asked whether an earthquake or a flood hit their village when they were little. Or if they went to a fair when they were young. Perhaps check for matching tattoos or bits of broken jewelry waiting to be made whole again – just to make sure. I mean, what if their mother is waiting for McKidd (the younger by about five years) to sing to her so she can regain her sight?

Even their careers are remarkably alike: Craig may have done more high profile and interesting gigs but give McKidd some time and as long as he doesn’t get typecast as the poor man’s Daniel Craig, I think he’ll do just fine. Between them they’ve acted in Trainspotting, Rome, The Kingdom of Heaven (I know! Completely and utterly historically inaccurate but fun! And I say that even though I had to watch Orlando Bloom in it), Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (oh, like I didn’t see you there, avidly munching your popcorn. Stop putting on airs), Sylvia, Layer Cake ( which you should see if you haven’t already), Munich, The Jacket, and, of course, the Bond franchise.

And in 2009, McKidd is scheduled to play Thor while Craig will appear as Lucifer in I, Lucifer.

Coincydink? Well, yes. It appears so. I’m sorry if you thought I had a point here other than to wallow in the total hotness of these two.

But hey, you can see McKidd this weekend at the movies – he’s costarring in a blatant rip off of My Best Friend’s Wedding called Made of Honor with Michelle Monaghan (who looks like a better fed Ellen Pompeo in a brunette wig) and Patrick Dempsey. It looks like its going to be really terrible so I bet it’s going to be really good. You know, one of those movies. Yes, I’m going to see it. Eventually, anyway. And yes, I can guess the ending and I strongly suspect it’s not the one that Julia Roberts got because something has to be different so the actors can lie and say, “Oh no, this is very hatke“. Vive le difference!


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3 responses to “Because We Need To Talk More…

  1. narendra shenoy

    May 2, 2008 at 4:06 pm

    laughed my distal end off! And they DEFINITELY share a parent!

  2. Amrita

    May 4, 2008 at 12:45 pm

    😀 It’s uncanny, right?

  3. Adrienne Jenkins

    February 27, 2009 at 10:08 pm

    I just realized that Kevin McKidd is not only Dr. Owen Hunt on Grey’s Anatomy but co-starred with Dempsey in Made of Honor.

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