The World is Full of Meanies

30 Apr

Priya Venkatesan Hays (Dartmouth ’90, MS in Genetics, PhD in Literature) has an impressive resume. Well, so what? you ask. So do a lot of other people. Ah, but she has more interesting ideas! For example, her book Molecular Biology in Narrative Form was a “groundbreaking, interdisciplinary study that shows a connection between molecular biology and French narrative theory” according to its publishers.

Unfortunately for Priya Venkatesan Hays, nobody cares.

No one seems to have read her first book – or cared enough to have written a review of it on Amazon, take your pick – and something tells me her second book, A Postmodernist in the Laboratory is headed for the same fate. Although I’d guess that answers the question posed by the Modernist Studies Conference in Tulsa as to whether a modern science has ever existed. I wonder what conclusions the panel arrived at regarding the other questions:

How have arguments for the social constructedness of scientific fact affected visions of a modernist science? Does the scientific method inherently engender the modern subject as free beings? Papers that deal specifically with the issue of whether modern science has been deconstructed in terms of actual scientific practice [were] especially welcome.

But I digress. You see, not only is the world made up of philistines who don’t care to explore science through French narrative theory, it is also populated with a whole bunch of meanies. Like those students she taught at Dartmouth (an Ivy League school she attended herself) who thought her ideas were crap and superiors who thought she was a big diva because she kept complaining about her students’ snotty attitude. Not to mention evaluators with bad manners who interrupted her while she was speaking and then left the classroom without excusing themselves or expressing any thanks.

The bastards! Coz you know they only did that because she was Indian.

Wait, what?

Hey, I told you she has interesting ideas. That’s right, they only did it because she was Indian. Dartmouth hates Indians. It’s out in the open now, folks. We know what’s going on. You’ll give us admission as students and then hire us back as teachers but you won’t take us seriously! Especially if we complain about your bad manners and your comments to other people in our hearing. Look at this heartrending example of what happened when she stood up to Dr. Christopher H. Lowrey, an Associate Professor at the medical school:

One complaint, during Venkatesan’s two-year tenure as a DHMC Research Associate, regards the alleged behavior of Dr. Lowrey. Specifically an instance during which a research lab was preparing for a conference, and Venkatesan alleges that Lowrey commented to a research tech that, “your beauty will attract people to your poster.” Venkatesan claims that she informed Lowrey of the inappropriateness of the comments and that the next day Lowrey invited her to his office to discuss the matter. At this meeting Venkatesan recounts a livid Lowrey saying comments like, “you wreck havoc wherever you go” and “you think the world revolves around you” and slamming files into a garbage can. This series of events was among what Venkatesan calls “many many many incidences” of violative and inappropriate behavior.

She “thinks world revolves around” her? Quelle blague! I think the fact that she sued her students for employment discrimination and is currently pursuing litigation to see whether she even has a claim definitively proves that she doesn’t give a thought to herself. Also, Dr. Lowry apparently lives in the 19th century. I hope he wears a pince nez and pantaloons and smokes a pipe coz I really need to see a doctor like that.

Maybe she should just go back to Pasadena and teach. At least some of them like her there. Even if she doesn’t answer her emails and expects them to… you know, work for their grades.

I’m just worried that we’ll eventually find out that this was some kind of postmodernist lab experiment and we’ve all been suckered into playing along. Don’t take my dreams away from me, Priya Venkatesan. I’m Indian too.


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8 responses to “The World is Full of Meanies

  1. desigirl

    April 30, 2008 at 5:28 pm

    How do you hear of such stuff? How? Where?

  2. Ophelia Benson

    April 30, 2008 at 9:15 pm

    I’m just worried that we’ll eventually find out that this was some kind of postmodernist lab experiment and we’ve all been suckered into playing along.

    Exactly what I keep thinking. It’s too good to be true, it has to be a jape of some sort. D’Souza’s Revenge is it? Alan Sokal being prankish again? Somebody from The Colbert Report?

  3. M

    April 30, 2008 at 10:10 pm

    OK, Im all stuffed up with anti-allergy meds, but *what* is this? Am thoroughly confused…but then I barely know what postmodern is!


  4. Sampada

    May 1, 2008 at 10:32 am

    Molecular biology and the French narrative theory?! That’s the first sign of kookiness right there!

  5. narendra shenoy

    May 1, 2008 at 6:03 pm

    It would be intriguing to find out how exactly Ms. Venkatesan connects Molecular Biology, which deals with small cells metabolizing sugar to French narrative theory which deals with large French organisms who speak through their noses and metabolize snails. In the absence of concrete information, one must conclude that Ms. Venkatesan is pulling a fast one or that Dr. Lowry is, to be precise, the aperture at the distal end of the human alimentary canal.

  6. Amrita

    May 2, 2008 at 12:19 pm

    DG – she’s actually all over the net. If this was a publicity stunt then I hope she has her book all ready because otherwise she mistimed it.

    Ophelia – Or, just your common garden variety crazy person. I’ll take it all! Just take it to court!

    M – oh poor you. I’m suffering from a sinus attack myself so I feel your pain 😦 Let’s just say that a postmodernist in a laboratory means rich pickings for a variety of jokes.

    Sampada – lol, you think? thats what I thought but I havent read her book so who knows.

    NS – I think she connects the two by speaking through “the aperture at the distal end of the human alimentary canal.” You know I HAVE to read this book now.

  7. BAM! Race Card!

    May 5, 2008 at 4:03 pm

    Did you just pull the race card? So very typical of you, your imagination must be so lively. I meen of the multitude of reasons why an individual can be disliked you cling to the one everlasting scape goat that satisfies your query and lets you hold on to the idea that this lady isn’t really disliked for her personality and world view, no it must be the race, ofcourse that explains it and wraps it up in a nice little convenient ball.

    Or maybe this lady is a koooooky post modernist that has far out views such as ecofeminism, which holds, in part, that scientific advancements benefit the patriarchy but leave women out. Maybe shes the kind of scum that got us so wrapped up in political correctness that we are now drowning in stupidity and maybe the students saw right through her BS. No, the truth of the matter is you can wrap this kind of person in any skin and they will be equally annoying and backwards.

  8. Amrita

    May 6, 2008 at 11:23 am

    You seem really angry / comprehension challenged. which is it? coz you’ve apparently completely missed the fact that the person who brought up the race card was… wait for it… Priya Venkatesan Hays. also, did you just call PC-minded people scum while attempting to call me out on my alleged lack of PCness? Wow.

    A little less condescension, a little more reading please.

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