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Things Money Can’t Buy: Sanity

Hey, so remember that nude pic of France’s First Lady, Carla Bruni? (Hey, that rhymes!) Clicked by a minor French photographer, it was recently sold at auction and fetched a price far in excess of its base price of $4,000 – some Chinese dude with more money than sense bought it for $91,000. Maybe he can throw darts at it in revenge for her husband’s Olympic dis.

But that’s not the story.

At the same auction, you see, somebody paid $193,000 for that pic of Gisele Bundchen above. To put things in perspective, a photograph of Brigitte Bardot shot by Richard Avedon sold at the same venue for $181,000. It’s almost like finding out Marilyn Monroe’s sex tape is on par with a junkie American Idol reject’s. (Not kidding.)

So, okay – no skin off my nose, you want to spend your money, go ahead and spend it. And it was shot by irving Penn (probably in his sleep) so points for that. Also, naked supermodel: yay, woo-hoo, etc.

But… really? You spent $193,000 on a nude pic of a Victoria’s Secret model? Have you, um, never opened a magazine? How about a catalog for the leading lingerie outlet in the United States? Otherwise known as “junk mail”?

What on earth are you going to do with a $193,000 photograph of Gisele tastefully posing in the nude anyway? Frame it and put it on your wall? In which case, I hope you don’t have any teen boys coming over the house coz you know they’re going to laugh at your ass. If they had $193,000 to blow on a pic like that, you know they’d be out there trying to date the woman in that instead of buying her photos.

But then, any group that includes a zany who’d drop $241,000 for this Helmut Newton pic, is one that shouldn’t surprise me.

Anyway, all of you who’re reading this blog right now can rejoice – you’re getting something worth nearly $200,000 for free. You should print that pic and gift it to as many people you know and tell ’em what a great deal they’re getting. Beat that, Oprah!

PS – as a bonus, here are a few more pics of Ms. Bundchen in various clothes averse poses. So free, it’s FREE!


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