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Fusion When Done Right

You know, I’ve frequently made disparaging noises about what passes for fusion in Hindi (or to be more exact, Bollywood) music for a long time, with special contempt reserved for all the wanna be hip hop tracks. This is not because I’m a crazed traditionalist who hates to see any kind of innovation. Just the opposite actually: a large part of my frustration stems from the fact that I’m convinced that there is a way to make it all work and the results would be awesome on many levels.

Take, for example, Preet Mangat’s hypnotizing Nasha Hai (video above), which is seriously let down by some extremely polite rap that involves asking girls for their telephone numbers. But it manages to float above the vast majority of its genre by virtue of its beats and Mangat’s own voice.

I’m sure I’ll have plenty of opportunities to crib in the future as I have in the past (sob!), so by way of doing something different this Sunday, I thought I’d put up a couple of videos of tracks that I thought had done well in the fusion stakes.

First up is Nelly Furtado’s Maneater. It’s one of those songs that I really don’t understand why I enjoy (like Britney’s I’m a Slave 4 U) but have made their way to my iPod all the same. I guess it needs to be seriously fucked up for me to delete it – like 50 Cent whom I used to love but made the mistake of listening to on my daily commute. After a couple of solid months of listening to what hos like and what pimps like to do, I was beginning to get seriously depressed. I didn’t want to believe that a song could affect me that much – but I took it off my playlist and guess what? I immediately perked up. Lesson learned. Love you Fiddy, bump into you on the radio sometime.

Um, what was I saying?

Nelly Furtado. Maneater. Right. It was remixed into this addictive JoSH track below:

Josh’s other remix of Powerless is pretty great too. I’d say JoSH is one of those bands that really gets it. Consistently.

Next is INXS, who’ve never been too shy to experiment themselves, with Afterglow.

I know! I know! JD Fortune is no Michael Hutchence and INXS will never be the same and yadda yadda yadda. But look, Fortune isn’t exactly Sanjaya either. I’m still recovering from the fact that they did the whole reality show thing but it seems to have worked out better than it sounded on paper.

Anyway, here’s the always awesome Sona Mahapatra, who doesn’t get half the play she deserves, doing a variation on the theme:

I’d love to wind things up with a Bollywood track but I can’t think of any. There must be something though. So you tell me – what am I blanking on? In the meantime, in lieu of something better, here’s a catchy song from the upcoming Race – there must be something about Saif Ali Khan that brings out the chica chica in the lyricists.


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