Oh No! Techno Woe!

11 Mar

Yes, that’s a rhyming title. Because I too can poem (poet? poetry? po? never mind).

As technology advances, unexpected but related woes are on the rise. Take, for example, Steven Levy who has one of those really cool jobs that I wish I could land: he reviews gadgets for Newsweek. It’s just one step short of my favorite-est job of all, which is writing a TV blog for Time. Anyway, Levy had an exciting week reviewing a MacBook Air:

Can you really blame a guy for losing something that’s called Air? True, Apple’s new superslim laptop isn’t transparent, and while its dimensions are anorexic (a profile ranging from 0.76 inches to 0.16 inches), we’re not really talking about a dust mote here. It does weigh three pounds: impressive for a computer, but nowhere near the borders of nonexistence. In terms of utility, though, my MacBook Air (or, more accurately, the review unit that Apple lent me) might as well not exist. Because it’s gone. Just another expensive miniature marvel of technology vanished into thin, um, air.

He goes on to say, “Blah blah blah wife hates clutter blah blah blah wife we threw it out with weekend’s New York Times blah blah blah it might be in the apartment somewhere hiding in a dust bunny coz it’s, like, really thin you guys blah blah blah if you, like my wife, think this excuse is lame then it’s probably coz you stole it but laugh’s on you coz Apple can totally recognize it if you ever send it in for servicing blah blah blah now everybody is laughing at me. The end.

Because my heart is full of envy and my soul is 100% sourpuss, I will say: hee hee hee!

What? It was only a stupid loaner anyway! And the folks Apple laughed at him and then billed Newsweek for it ($1800 if you’re shopping this awkward season).

Levy also seems to think this sort of thing might just happen to other people in the future as more and more people decide to buy Airs. [Completely OTT but that was a strange sentence.] Initially, I found that idea laughable but then I thought about it and you know what? It’s totally possible. Never underestimate the dimwitted powers of the human.

I mean, there are people in this world who forget their kids in locked cars. I wouldn’t be shocked if a couple of Airs got thrown out with the newspaper. Which makes me wonder – does this story increase the Air’s desirability quotient or decrease it?

If I’m thinking like a rational person? I wouldn’t buy it. $1800 for a piece of equipment that wouldn’t satisfy all my requirements and could well be tossed in the trash by mistake? Uh, I’ll pass thanks.

But if I’m thinking like the starry-eyed idiot I actually am, I’ve already begun rationalizing how I’m such a careful person and how my very strict requirements on what exactly constitutes a proper computing space (you know those crazy kids who drop down on the carpet at the computer lab and start banging away? Freaks.) means that the Air’s invisibility superpower will be severely handicapped from the start.

Control. I has it.


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8 responses to “Oh No! Techno Woe!

  1. M

    March 11, 2008 at 10:26 pm


    Business week had a decent analysis of the Air’s pros and cons…I’m not a power user by any means, but this laptop looks long on style, short on function to me!

    As for thryowing it out with the paper, we’ve managed to toss library books that way (Kids’ books, so larger sized), so I’m not exactly surprised 😀


  2. sidekick

    March 12, 2008 at 12:35 am

    ROFL…. slim pickings, huh? That was funny. Amrita, I too envy the tech-gadget review geeks…. my fave job is Walter Mossberg’s at the WSJ.

    Agree with M that this one seems more style than substance. As of now I can’t function without a DVD/CD drive!

  3. desigirl

    March 12, 2008 at 4:59 am

    This is like when Apple released Nano. I was panting for it and got it. Then have been spending quality time ever since looking for the damn thing and finding it under my butt, most of the time. My smart brother, on the other hand, went with the regular brick-type model, reinforced it with some heavy duty wrapping to protect it from klutzes like me.

    So, I would be entirely apt to chuck this light as air contraption out with the day’s Metro. And know what? With the mess in my house, it will be DAYS before I’d even know it’s gone!! Guess what I am coming to say is, I am happy with my chunky MacBook, thanks very much!

  4. Amey

    March 13, 2008 at 2:52 pm

    $1800 and you may throw it out with the papers? I am quite happy with my (now) chunky Sony Vaio, merci. (Though the ad jingle is surprisingly catchy)

    I agree with you about the job hierarchy, though the one above both you mentioned would be a professional book reviewer.

  5. Amrita

    March 15, 2008 at 12:20 am

    M – It IS long on style and short on function! that’s why it’s a must-have! like those pretty dresses for which you pay hundreds of dollars but only wear once or maybe twice because it’s so lovely and distinctive that you could never possibly wear it where someone might recognize it. this is like that but with wires. 😀

    Sidekick – hee hee, yes 😳

    DG – lol, you wouldn’t believe the dirty puns that leaped into my head when I read your comment! But little children might read this blog (rebellion!) so I won’t say it.

    Raja – HAHAHAH!! “It’s a real laptop” indeed. Steve Jobs has a lot to answer for, doesnt he? Thanks for the link!

    Amey – Are you really happy with it? Coz I plan to buy a new laptop in a while and no more Dell for me, thank you, and the Macs are lovely but I’m not ready to make the switch yet. … The only reason I left out book reviewer is because it could mean I’m unemployed – they’re cutting out book reviews! 😦

  6. desigirl

    March 16, 2008 at 6:18 am

    Ok, ok, I just read it myself and couldn’t help but wince / grin! Little children, indeed!!! go on, split!

  7. Amrita

    March 17, 2008 at 2:54 pm

    DG – well but see how much i love you? I carefully refrained from saying anything.

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