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Uno Hot Dog

It’s the year of the Beagle!

Chalk one up for personality and melting brown eyes. Beagles: they’re noisy, sweet, beautiful (look at those ears! And those paws!), live a very long time and need homes. Now they’re also blue ribbon doggies.

His name is Uno and he’s a fifteen inch dreamboat (please, no offcolor jokes: he’s only three years old). And yesterday he vaulted over a much-decorated Poodle (103 best in show ribbons and last year’s winner, no less) to take the crown. It’s ridiculous but I couldn’t be happier. I feel like my dog won.

Perhaps it’s because, of my three most favorite small dogs, the Beagle is the one dog I see myself adopting. The Bichon Frise I love but I know myself and after a while, I’d want to put the pretty thing back in the box. Unfortunately, it’s a real live dog and I’m no Paris Hilton so that’s not possible. Also, that dog is pretty much the definition of high maintenance. People bitch about Poodles all the time but a Poodle is probably half the trouble this little baby can be. And unlike human beings, it can’t help the way it is – it was bred to be that way. So it’s not like I can get angry at it for its needs.

The Basset Hound I wouldn’t mind leaving out to potter around the house but those doggies are proper heartbreakers: every single one that I’ve ever known has had some severe arthritis. I have arthritis and I know how crippling it can be – it would fairly kill me if my dog got it. That sounds like a crap reason for not adopting, on par with “I don’t want children in case their vaccination gives them autism”, and I’ll probably rethink it later on but a Basset isn’t going to be my first dog. If I ever have kids, however, they’re gonna grow up in a Basset Hound household.

But the Beagle… a Beagle is definitely what I want in my first doggie. They can be a bit high maintenance but they’re hardy little souls on the whole. And – again, pretty silly but this is how I work – although I’ve heard some awful tales about eye problems and things, all the Beagles I’ve met have been absolutely fine except for some age related problems. And the ear infection thing is pretty much par for the course for any long eared breed, isn’t it? I’ll pin ’em back for them so they can get some ventilation. Heh.

Plus, it’s Snoopy. Beat that.


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