George Clooney: Remember Darfur?

01 Feb

It’s a Friday two-fer! Not as fun as the Matt Damon video but if Tom Cruise having a Scientological breakdown can score three posts, then George Clooney definitely rates one when talking about the ongoing crisis in Darfur.

Four years and counting, people.

Just before Clooney was formally appointed a United Nations’ Messenger of Peace, he made a low key visit to Delhi to talk to people in the Ministry of External Affairs . My guess is that he and the UN team that accompanied him were interested in peacekeeping missions (overall, India ranks third in troop contributions) to Africa. And my bet is that the powers-that-be invited him to a party, probably told him to be sure and visit the Taj Mahal, and figured their job was done.

I was just thinking that the world has indeed changed when you’re talking to Russia, China, Egypt and India to end genocide in Africa. But the end result doesn’t seem to have changed all that much.

Click here for the BBC coverage of his speech.

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