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Incredibly Dumb Celeb News

This Friday I bring you stuff that you just can’t make up:

Bollywood’s very own Karan Johar is making an animated version of his hit hit debut feature Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Full length animation will apparently have “animals in lead roles”. Name of the movie? Kootchie Kootchie Hota Hai. From “loving your parents” to loving your animals, it’s all in the game. Barf.

Now I don’t usually discuss celebrity children on this blog (crosses a line, I think) but talking of barf, do you know The Naked Chef? Jamie Oliver? So, he somehow landed an interview with Angelina Jolie and by way of small talk asked her how her biological daughter was doing. Innocuous, wouldn’t you say? It would have been if he hadn’t called the kid “Piloh Shitt”.

Not. Making. This. Up.

Who’s that lovely lady next to Lindsay Lohan? Why, that’s her sister Alli. Her thirteen year old sister Alli. To think I used to get creeped out by websites counting down to when so-and-so girl is going to turn “legal”. Above is a comparison run by UsWeekly of the two sisters at the same age: 13.


Could it be a month without some Anand Jon news? I don’t think so. After being set a $2.1 million bail by a Los Angeles court on charges of rape, sodomy and other sexual assaults on girls/women aged 14 and up, Jon is now wanted in New York to face an additional 40 charges. Once he’s done there, Texas and Florida might have certain things to discuss with him. So it’s 94 charges thus far and counting.

And last but not least, Heidi Klum. In all fairness, if I looked like her, I’d probably be tempted to say nyah-nyah-nyah in similar fashion. :mrgreen:


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