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Don’t Buy Friends, Robbie Williams


Can you technically be classified as somebody’s “fan” if you’ve only ever bought one album of theirs and never actually think about them unless they’re brought to your attention? If yes, then I’m a Robbie Williams fan.

I bought Swing and I think it was great. And you know that’s true because I spent money on it and I’m such a miserable little tightwad when it comes to things like this that if I hadn’t liked it, I’d have been moaning about it right now. Bitching about wasted money is one of your rights as a consumer, people!


I know everybody was crazy about Angel for a second back there and you couldn’t escape his Bond tux-ed Millenium around the, well, millenium – and he even got Nicole Kidman to whisper a Frank Sinatra song with him. He got plenty of play around the world and you have to admit, the man was pretty big… outside of America, that is.


And America is the Holy Grail as far as the recording industry is concerned, so I figure he got sick and tired of being told how great he was but what a shame none of those Americans gave a rat’s ass about him. So he relocated to the United States and bought some blinged up pad they featured on MTV Cribs (success! success! You’re as famous as Leah Remini now. Only a conversion to Scientology and superstar success separate you from Tom Cruise levels of fame). And that was pretty much it, the last I heard. Which was a very long time ago.

So what’s he been up to, you ask? Well, it appears he’s been buying himself some friends.

Apparently, he “always wanted to be a member of a gang” so he “bought [himself] one”. But he didn’t bargain for the fact that membership would cost $400,000 above and beyond the sale price. Oh, and the “gang” is actually a soccer club so I wouldn’t get too excited.

Stop wasting your money on bogus membership fees and make some music, Robbie. That way, you won’t have to pay people for acceptance; instead they’ll pay you to show you how much they appreciate you. Isn’t that better a much better deal?

Why is this so difficult to understand?

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