Narendra Modi Dehydrated by Karan Thapar

23 Oct

I’m sorry, but it must be said: “Yeh haath humko de de Thapar!”

Heh heh heh. Oh, come on, it wasn’t that bad. But yes, it wasn’t anywhere near as awesome as what went down on CNN IBN the other day.

For those of you who don’t know, Karan Thapar is a long winded journalist who likes to talk in flowing periods brimming with emotion – while smoothly decapitating you. I have never known whether to be irritated by his blather or admire his balls of steel.

A long while ago, I had the opportunity to see him interview J. Jayalalitha for the BBC’s Hardtalk India (I think) and the phrase “must see TV” was coined just for events of that kind. She came all prepared with a script and then read off it, sticking to her answers irrespective of what he had to ask. Lesser beings might have been cowed by her basilisk glare but Thapar not only called her on her rehearsed answers but refused to back down when she flat out lied to his face that all her answers were spontaneous.

She was so pissed off by the end of it that she refused to shake his hand and said she hated his show. :mrgreen:

These days he has a show called Devil’s Advocate on CNN IBN where he puts people through their paces. I guess this is where all the people who want to give the impression that they’re an open book with nerves of steel go to talk. I have a feeling they end up talking a bit more than they want to because he has perfected this technique of posing questions that start in Tokyo and land on the moon after taking the scenic route through a parallel universe.

You know what, I can’t really explain his interviewing technique. You’ll just have to see it for yourself sometime. Just take my word for it that it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Anyway, so he got Narendra Modi on his show the other night and I’m so incredibly sorry I missed this interview:

Karan Thapar: Mr. Narendra Modi, let’s start by talking about you. In the six years that you have been the CM of Gujarat, the Rajiv Gandhi foundation has declared Gujarat to be the best-administered State. IndiaToday on two separate occasions declared that you are the most efficient Chief Minister. And despite that, people still call you to your face, a mass murderer, and they accuse you of being prejudiced against Muslims? Do you have an image problem?

Narendra Modi: I think it’s not proper to say that there are people. There are two or three persons who talk in this terminology and I always say ‘God bless them.’

KT: You are saying this is the conspiracy of two or three persons only?

NM: I have not said so.

KT: But you are saying it is only two or three people.

NM: This is the information I have. It’s the people’s voice.


KT: I’ll tell you what the problem is. Even five years after the Gujarat killings of 2002, the ghost of Godhra still haunts you. Why have you not done more to allay that ghost?

NM: This I give it to the mediapersons like Karan Thapar. Let them enjoy.

KT: Can I suggest something to you?

NM: I have no problem.

KT: Why can’t you say that you regret the killings that happened? Why can’t you say that may be the government should have done more to protect Muslims?

NM: What I had to say I have said at that time, and you can find out my statements.

KT: Just say it again.

NM: Not necessary that I have to talk about, in 2007, everything you want to talk about.

KT: But by not saying it again, by not letting people hear the message repeatedly you are allowing an image contrary to the interest of Gujarat to continue. It’s in your hands to change it.

NM: (Modi takes mike off)
I’ll have to rest. I need some water.

KT: Paani (water).

NM: Dosti bani rahe bas (Friendship should be maintained, that’s all). I’ll be happy. You came here. I am happy and thankful to you. I can’t do this interview. It’s ok your things are. Apne ideas hain aap bolte rahiye aap karte rahiye (These are your ideas, you keep talking, keep doing). 3-4 questions I’ve already enjoyed. Nahin please.

I don’t know whether I should be alarmed that a Chief Minister with national ambitions is so utterly wrapped in cotton wool that he sincerely believes only a couple of people think he has blood on his hands or whether I should read something more sinister into what went down.

Modi is, after all, the man whose trip to the United States had to be abandoned shortly after the Godhra riots thanks to human rights activists of Indian origin who lobbied hard against him. And the issue of the riots is something that I would guess he has to face on a daily basis once he moves past his protective politician barrier.

What protective politician barrier? You know, the one created by sycophants that every politician carries? That one.

But something must have pierced through that wall of smug sometime. This can’t be the first time someone’s asked him the tough questions. Can it?

Thapar himself remains puzzled. I guess he has plenty of time to figure things out – I wouldn’t think he’s on a lot of people’s guest list. No?


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51 responses to “Narendra Modi Dehydrated by Karan Thapar

  1. Rahil

    October 24, 2007 at 3:04 am

    On a lighter note, Thapar and Prabhu Chawla, the interviewing legend, aren’t very different. 🙂

  2. OrangeJammies

    October 24, 2007 at 6:08 am

    whoaaaaaaaa! Modi the roaring lion actually turned bleating lamb? Fantabulous! And DAMN, I can’t believe I missed it! Thapar is relentless, no matter who is sitting pretty in that chair across from him.
    And Modi: he’s either deluded or terribly confident about the power he holds over the state. I suppose it stems from being voted back to the CM’s post in spite of the stench that emanates from him.
    What I feel strongly about is people talking about Godhra and the mass massacre of Gujarat’s Muslim population like it is the past. Sure, Godhra is, but the brutalities and planned isolation of the minority populations hasn’t ended and likely won’t.

  3. Tanay

    October 24, 2007 at 9:18 am

    Amrita, guess you didn’t miss the verbal duet between Karan Thapar and Rahul Bajaj on Devil’s Advocate on CNN-IBN sometime back…I have not seen the episode that you have mentioned here, but feel it would have been interesting…Was it one sided ? but the Bajaj-Thapar’s was an equally balanced tug of war

    Modi would be thinking, galti maain kaanha phaaas gaya 🙂

  4. Amrita

    October 24, 2007 at 10:56 am

    Rahil – Prabhu Chawla is like a guilty pleasure 😀

    OJ – I dont know which it is either: deluded or confident. Given the state of his party right now, I hope its the former. I just know he has PM ambitions. God, Mayawati, Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi – what a lovely pool we have to select from. And you’re absolutely right about the Gujarat situation. Did you hear about the RTI petitioner who found out nearly 200 farmers had committed suicide in Gujarat? I can only wonder what other worms are lying in that can.

    Tanay – I didn’t see that 😦 Why doesnt someone put this stuff up on Youtube or something? Dua-ein milengi. Modi’s lasted for five minutes and then he walked off. There was no question of balance: he just stonewalled and then made a break for it.

  5. Tanay

    October 24, 2007 at 1:08 pm

    I was not able to trace the video but was able to track the transcript of the verbal duet, check it here:

  6. Rahil

    October 25, 2007 at 2:25 am

    Amrita, you bet he sure is a guilty pleasure! But, hats off to the guy for making a fool of himself every single time! 🙂 (sample this, PC: arre thoda toh paisa khaya hoga, 1-2 crore
    Mayawati: arre, kya bol rahe hain aap, aisa kuch nahin hai. PC: arre thoda toh khaaya hee hoga, 40-50 lakh? Mayawati: arre, kamaal hai, ek baar kaha na. PC: thoda saa bhi nahin, 4-5 lakh? Mayawati: kya bakwaah hai yeh….. ) ha ha ha ha

  7. Aditya

    October 25, 2007 at 11:10 am

    Karan Thapar’s awesome. 😀

    Haven’t watched Devil’s Advocate for a really long while now. Anybody knows what time it airs in India?

    I think I caught a part of that Rahul Bajaj interview sometime. Brilliant it was. Had to read the same transcript back then too for the rest of the show.

    I’ve got the Modi shindig running on Youtube on another tab. Catchya later!

  8. Amrita

    October 27, 2007 at 9:40 am

    Tanay – Thanks! 🙂

    Rahil – 😀 I particularly love the way he keeps that smile on his face the entire time like he’s some sort of drinking buddy and the person in the other chair has already told him the “real” story over a peg or two and is now just doing nahrebaazi for the cameras.

    Aditya – i was gonna refer you to the cnn ibn page but they apparently dont show timings. weird. anyhoo, here’s the show’s page:

  9. ghose buster

    October 28, 2007 at 1:47 am

    He walked out of interview…he..he..all Modi-bashers are jumping and enjoying as if they have achieved what ever they want to do.
    Why this hatred on a HINDU who stands tall and says I am HINDU.

    Narendra modi can’t talk.See this url ….

    Only reason he dont want to do this bogus interview is because he want to avoid this pseudo secular media who no matter what ever he says want to conclude their own arguments.

  10. Amrita

    October 28, 2007 at 2:57 pm

    GB – how’s the weather in la la land? 🙂

  11. Aditya

    November 2, 2007 at 9:24 am

    Muchos gracias 😀

    I’m going to sit and watch all those videos as soon as my exams get over. Starting with the Kissinger one.

  12. Karan

    November 3, 2007 at 1:11 am

    It is absolutely stupid , … Karan Thaper is no 1 stupid man. He doesn’t know How to take how take interview of Most reputed man of the Gujarat. Probably by repeatedly asking the about Godhra He proved that he is no 1 Pseudo Secularist and against Gujarati People. Let me tell you Mr . Karan Thaper that in Akshar Dham at least 120 peoples were killed , why you haven’t asked this question to anybody or any Muslim leader . Why you haven’t take the interview of any Muslim leader of Kashmir . “Vaha to aapki phat jati hai….”

  13. Amrita

    November 4, 2007 at 12:41 pm

    Aditya – ooh, good luck on those!

    Karan – are you serious or being sarcastic?

  14. Bhavesh

    November 7, 2007 at 4:15 am

    Good question by Aditya.
    Let Karan thapar take the interview of all those pseudo-secularists and communists.
    Or best let me take their interviews.
    They will feel so sorry.

  15. hasmukh shah

    November 23, 2007 at 3:03 pm

    I do not understand why Mr. Thapar should ask such unwanted question?All know about incidents of 2002.and after this Mr. Modi won in ELECTION.Don’t you beleive in people’s opinion?Why are you worrying about only Muslims ?Do you know what happened in Kashimar? How many hindus lost therir lives?What did you do forprevent it?You peple have ONE POINT Programme and that is to down Mr. Modi. Modi is a HIRO-DIAMOND of Gujareat.All this NONSENSE matters will not affect Gujarat. You will see the results of December 2007.

  16. Mr. Sarda

    December 12, 2007 at 5:14 pm

    I hate this f**king so called secular Congress mens (yeah that christian white lady whose is liked by all those english news paper as they got their white master back 🙂 ; you know all these NDTV’s Roy and IBN’s Thapar they can’t get look beyond this white female, not sure what would happen if they go to some european countries….may be they will act like Dog and lick white girls feet….any how sorry for side bar but can’t stop it as I do not have any good words for all these folks). They do not have guts to save India from becoming either Muslim or Christian colony. No where in the world minorities are entertained so much as in India. None of western and arabic countries has ever voted a minority leader as President or prime minister. This can only happen in India and its all because of folks like Thapar and Roy. I feel so sorry for all Hindus in Pakistan,Bangladesh and Malasia right now and also get scared some time that even India will be some time soon ruled by a Muslim or Christian Bas**rd who will make sure to wipe out hindus from Bharat.

  17. Jayraj

    December 12, 2007 at 5:22 pm

    I totally agree with Mr. Sarda. I think Hindus needs to pour their support (if not money) to Hindu party like BJP and Shiv sena or any other party that has Hindu leaders in it and wants to stand up against minority appeasing and pampering. Enough it enough if we don’t wake up now our grand children will be slaves of these (Muslim and Christian) ba**ards. Wake up folks. Campaign against NDTV, IBN and Times of India. They all are here to get you hindus. They all are controlled by either Christian missonaries or Muslims. We do not have lot of news paper (specifically english) in india that wants to listen or care Hindu point of view. They all care about Muslims and Islam.

  18. Krunal

    December 12, 2007 at 9:52 pm

    I second the thoughts expressed by Mr. Sarda and Karan.

    Why so called secular people rack up the things of 2002 again n again. Why they are not making so much of hue n cry about Nandigram. Will this bastard Thaper ask Buddhadeb CM of WB ask again an again to sary sorry for Nandigram. Thaper is only interested in making his show popular.

    Why they don’t take up issue of development, electrification of rural areas, FDI in state or industrialisation of the Gujarat during interview. No one will mind if CM is made accountable on this more burning issue.

    Let me tell you, modi has done commendable job during his tenure. India needs dectatorship for some time. When Keshubhai was CM at that time he didn’t have any control on his party MLAs or even ministers. That was not the way to run the state. You have to swallow bitter pills for betterment. Being from Gujarat, I think the gujarat is on right track of development. Be it industrialisation or infrastructure or security even.

    One of the biggest achievement of Modi is that he has made Gujarat safe. Even after Godhra, not a single terrorist attack has took place on Gujarat soil. While the bombs blast in state/cities run by so called secular congress i.e. Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad every now and then. Atleast for this, Modi deserves the pet on his back.

  19. Amir

    December 13, 2007 at 3:32 am

    For all fu**ing ba**ards supporting Modi, why would terrorist strike now happen because Modi doent’t want it, he only plans the things and then kill innocents and label them terrorist. All so called terrorist killed by ba**ard Vanzara for plotting to kill Modi were innocents fakely encountered. And this ba**tard Modi will be fu**ed once he is out of CMO. And he is jumping of BJP power seems he forgot Vaghela and Uma Bharti also had their time but later got fu**ed by own party, then he will start crying and taking blames and will regrett his wrongdoings on Advani’s behalf just like Kalyan Singh in UP. But But But like any other typical fu**ing BJP leader if he again got chance will be back in BJP to lick Advani’s ass, this is the moral they have. History is evident not a single person can get away with the blood of innocents on hands.

  20. rizwan

    December 13, 2007 at 12:16 pm

    I grew up in GUjarat and I have seen hatred towards muslims since 1980,
    All gujjus hate muslims and than justifies it by mentioning terrorism, but there was no terrorism in 1980. They are so blind folded by hate towards muslim, they do not see the truth. They love Modi because he is one of them who likes to bad mouth muslkims and will kill them at every opprotunity. Gujjus mention there are no riots after 2002 in Modi’s regime. Well, Modi do not need any more roits because he did evrey thing he wanted to do in 2002 riots, destroyed all muslim businesses and forced them to live in poverty and ghetto.

  21. Amrita

    December 13, 2007 at 2:42 pm

    I wondered why everyone’s picking on this post today after so many weeks – then remembered it was polling season. To those of you who came by to vent against Karan Thapar, I suggest you actually watch his program. The man gives everyone a hard time – if Modi found it hard going then it’s a direct consequence of his own actions.

  22. sumant

    December 16, 2007 at 2:50 pm

    this is nothing but bullshit of left lobby & k t is of the same clan ,but people of india in general knows them well. these so called intellectuals are suffing of AIDS (aquired intellectual deficeincy syndrom).

  23. Aditya

    December 16, 2007 at 4:30 pm

    Boy it’s getting pretty ugly up there! I’m guessing most of the spam-tards up there have never seen Devil’s Advocate. And you’re right Amritya- Polling season is on in full force in Gujrat. Polls in the war zones of 2002 took place today- well yesterday actually since it’s just past midnight here now.

  24. Hamidbhai Mohammad Lakdawala

    December 20, 2007 at 10:30 am

    Salaam Aleikum.
    I myself am a Gujarati Muslim . I grew up in Baroda and Ahmedabad and Junagadh. The Gujarati Hindus hate The Gujarati Muslims like anything – they call them “bandiya” ( a derogatory gujarati term for Muslims). There is also a huge Business rivalry between Muslims and Hindus , especially in Baroda and Surat. Since Gujarati Muslims are in fact richer and more educated than Gujarati Hindus , the Hindus are jealous of us. One more reason why they hate Muslims so much is that in every Muslim family , someone is working or doing business in the Gulf or Middle East ( mainly in UAE and Saudi Arabia). And earning lots of money . The Hindus cannot get a visa to UAE because there is a discrimination against Gujju bhai Hindus in Dubai. This makes them hate Muslims.

    However the same holds true for Muslims. In every Gujju Hindu family , someone is up there in USA. and the Muslims cannot get a visa to USA ( for obvious reasons).

  25. Amrita

    December 20, 2007 at 12:47 pm

    Aditya – I’d be surprised if they’d actually thought for themselves, much less watched a news program.

    Hamidbhai – thank you for that context. I’ve often wondered how business fit into the issue. This explains it.

  26. AnAmerican

    December 21, 2007 at 3:55 pm

    I happened to see some Modi interviews while I was in India. All interviews with Modi begin with an implicit prejudice against him. Weather it is justified or not remains to proven even 5 years after the 2000 incident. But it has become fashionable for media to wear that prejudice. Thapar didn’t prove to be above this mediocrity.

    Modi’s English is not as fluent, as his hindi. But still he was not at his usual best. Usually he bears the poisonous darts with more wit and humor. I wish people interview him in Hindi and from an agnostic, unbiased platform instead of from heavily prejudiced point of view.

  27. Manoj Jain

    December 24, 2007 at 10:53 am

    Its media people’s game. Most of medias are anti BJP, hence they are trying to find something, even they are right. If they raise the issue of Hindutva, Ram janmbhoomi, then Media have problem, If they stop the issue of Hindutva or ram janmbhoomi, then again media have proble, they ask, “why they left hindutva, where is promises of Ram janmbhoomi etc etc
    This type of question, they never ask Congress. What about Sikkh Riot, are u asking again & again this question to Congress people
    In short, its depend on public, to whom they are electing. They have elected that mean they like Narendra Modi;s policy, etc etc

  28. Manoj Jain

    December 24, 2007 at 11:01 am

    why indian new papers/ media are using english langauge more instead of hindi.
    why medias are supporting only Muslim minorities, and why not to other minorities like, jains, sikhs, etc etc. They are in India, why not raises their voice for Hindus. Who started Godhara, and what result given by Mr lalu Prasad, its just an accident, not a joke? For vote bak, all are using muslims, why OBC & ST reservations, others are not working hard, .? By hard working they are getting good marks & %, and in reservation if they get only 50% marks, though they get admission in Medical, Enginering or Govt Jobs. I ask each & evry politicians & media peoples, if you get sick/ill, are you going to start your treatment with an OBC/ST Doctor?
    I know your answer will NO, and you will run for a bigger name/ famous doctor only
    So i request all of you think for India, think all of us, all means all, every caste, religion

  29. Mahesh

    December 24, 2007 at 9:54 pm

    BBC’s hard talk cannot be compared to Devil’s advocate. BBC’s Hardtalk has standard, it has ethics, it does not insult a person- it only asks tough questions. Dont confuse between insult and tough questions. Karan Thappar is an immature and unabashedly biased, sly, unfair and low person. He went on a unverifiable tirade against Modi even after the interview- this does not happen on BBC. We all know the Modi bashing by CNN-IBN and NDTV’s Barkha dutt etc. The interviwer should not be biased though he can be very tough. The interviewer should not abuse the interviewee but can be very tough. Dont confuse the toughness in HARDTALK with the abuse of Thappar on CNN-IBN. They are 2 very different things. The interview of Thappar with Jayalalitha- how many of you know that his questions were biased?- how many of you know that Thappar did the interview because he hated Jayalalitha without really knowing that Karunanidhi is the wost criminal in TN who is 100 times worse than Jayalalitha(he went on against Jayalalitha as if she was the worst- we all saw it). How many of you know that Karunanidhi’s son Stalin was known 25 – 15 years ago to have raped in a time period of years raped 120 plus women mainly college students kidnapped after their day in college in Tamilnadu. If you are biased against one person and in favour of one person, and if you use that bias in the interview, then you are not fit to interview. Karan Thappar is one such low person.

  30. AnIndianMuslim

    December 25, 2007 at 6:26 pm

    Gujrat Election – Modi’s Hinduism and Muslims


    Question: Why the person like Modi got elected again by the people of Gujrat ?
    Answer: Because today “the people of Gujrat” have firm belief in Modi, his policies, his actions and his words.

    But, it also means something else to the innocent people who were “burned alive” and “innocent lives which were destroyed before the birth” under the rule of the same administration, where Mr. Narendra Modi was holding the most powerful position in the state of Gujrat.

    What has happened today, Dec 23, 2007 is not a matter of surprise because
    Those who believe in the message of hate have won again,
    those who believe the Modi version of hindu faith won again, and
    those who believe in killing innocent lives have won again.

    Can a society be such a heartless ?
    Can modi version of Hindu faith be such a crual ?
    Does the Gujratis or Gujrati society as a whole social organization, believe that burning or killing the Muslims and their children is an act of their victory ?
    Do you approve the acts of Modi, the person who endorses the burning of the Men, the women and their children alive, because of their religious faith ? In a country which claims the protection of all the faiths, a country which claims the respect for all the faiths.
    Do you approve that the looting of the wealth of the neighbour is an act of pride ?
    Do you approve that the insulting the women or making comments on the women is the matter of pride or Is it a social norm of the society ?
    Shouldn’t the law of land be respected ???
    Why not, “the Law” be given the highest position in this social structure?
    Why the law enforcement agency is unfair towards Muslims as even today innocent Muslims are behind the bars and there is no justice for them as they have not been proven guilty yet ?
    How can such a system could provide the fair justice to everyone ?

    Insha Allah(By the will of Almighty, the greatest power of the universe), I hope a better time will certainly going to come in future when “THE LAW OF THE LAND” will be respected by all
    and “JUSTICE” will be served by “THE LAW OF THE LAND” AND NOT BY “THE LAW BREAKERS” .

  31. Jantri

    December 26, 2007 at 6:43 am

    Where were these IndinaMuslims and Lakdawals etc when the pandits were driven out of Kashmir? where these ‘just’ muslims when other progressive muslims were killedin Jammu and Kashmir? do you – you indian muslim and lakdawal deserve justice. It is proven beyound doubt that you think in isolation.

    Arent you ashamed of talking about muslims were killed in such and such way – when you know that the people who were burnt in train in Godhra were kids and muslims? WHERE THE HECK IS YOUR SENSE OF JUSTICE?

    Why not allah first take care of those basatards who killed the innocent kids and females alive in Godhra? Why not your Allah will bring to justice the perpetrators of burning alive of 8 inmates of Radhabai Chawl in Jogeswari, Mumbai?

    Why not your Allah bring to justice the salahuddins, the HuJI terrorists, the SIMI activists etc?


  32. Amit

    December 29, 2007 at 1:35 am

    Vox populi or the Voice of the People is what determines the outcome. Neither Narendra Modi, nor Karan Thapar, nor any powerful corporate entity can influence what gets into the ballot box. It is how a leader relates to his/her people, whether in a state like Gujarat or a city like Ahmedabad. Karan Thapar did what he was best at: pricking at Narendra Modi’s Achilles foot- and thats what his job is, and is paid for. I saw the video interview: KT went direct as an executioner – his sentences showed his intentions – on one hand commending Modi for his good performance as CM and that by the Rajiv Foundation (read: arch-rival group), and then putting in “mass murderer” phrase to counteract his gains…clearly Modi got emotional rather than angry and just said ‘there were a few persons thinking’ bad about him … he did not make a logistic/systematic comment, Modi blurted it from his heart. Once the Achilles foot was realised by KT, he went on to consistently prick on it. All Modi had to say that “the Ghosts of Godhra” was a 2002 issue and had already made a statement at THAT time. 2007, this was irrelevant because Gujarat had positive things to think about. Modi is not an ordinary person – he has major responsibilities of sustaining developments in Gujarat. This is not a Hindu, Muslim or Christian Issue .. development agenda and state priorities affect generations of all cultural, ethnic or other groups. Statements made by KT die down because the answers eventually come for its justification. This does not mean giving a clean bill of health to ministers alleged to have involved in acts of violence – they are answerable – but to the vox populi and not KT. Modi shouldn’t have gone emotional either – he should have handled it and even ‘repeated; his prior statements he made in 2002, or should have given a clear cut message that the ‘ghosts of godhra tragedy’ haunts more than Godhra tragedy itself thanks to cozy-seaters like KT who have mastered the art of questioning anf extracting answers to critique. My understanding is Modi got emotional and did the right thing: ‘end the interview’ – Modi does not want to hold power for sake of wealth and pleasure. Modi redeems himself by sacrificing his time and effort to 100% commitment towards job. He is not an ordinary person – NO. There are rare ministers like him, and that his why he has been reelected with an overwhelming majority in 2007 also. Gujarat is a state that really supports the Central Government – Gujarat collapses, Central Govt breaks the backbone. Not to say that any state is above the other – but as a CM, Modi understands that certain questions are just irrelevant and if revisited, will not be of any help. I think KT should have sat down with Modi, sent the interview questions – so that Modi is not taken aback. No need of KT to create suspense – CMs dont have time for surprises – tell them what to expect so that they are prepared, because of course we are not enacting ‘FILMY LIKE’ court martial scenes – or is that a the Indian Interviewing Trend. I doubt ….

  33. Amrita

    December 29, 2007 at 1:28 pm

    Amit – most journalists, whether in India or abroad, do not submit their questions ahead of time. And if they do, then it is only at the request of the interviewee. It’s something you have to specifically negotiate for, not a standard practice. As far as Karan Thapar is concerned, he said he had a number of other topics to discuss and this was not the sum of the interview. Also, when you go to a show like Devil’s Advocate, you expect tough questions. If you want easy questions, then there’s Simi Garewal.

  34. guest

    January 3, 2008 at 4:07 pm

    I guess, the mud was on Karan’s face as an invited guest walks off the interview. I believe in keeping high posture when dealing with people like Karan Thapar, and that is exactly what Modi did. I was laughing at Karan when Modi walked away as I would have done the same thing as well. Go Modi.

  35. Nikus

    January 10, 2008 at 8:58 am

    Mr. Modi has faced so many questions about this. If he does not like to comment on some matter, leave it. It is not lamb. He has left with enough dignity.

  36. Dhaval

    January 14, 2008 at 8:10 pm

    I would not agree at all that Karan Thaper has steel balls. You could see predetermined cheap agression right from his first sentence. Modi begins the interview with quite an open minded attitude…but rightly cuts it short. There is no point in talking to a incumbent person who has come to interview him with an agenda. Of course Karan Thaper and other media is governed by a lot of national and international forces. Karan Thaper is only the mouth – the ideology is implanted by the people behind him.

    Karan Thaper needs to grow up..:-)

  37. Karun

    January 15, 2008 at 12:31 pm

    Main Reason for press writing about Muslims is that they get petro dollars. These guys are funded by foreign counries. We poor Indian’s read & watch them with out attatching any patriatism. We listen to them blindly. Many Hindus are very soft hearted & they are made to believe that India is securlar & we need to allow others live here. But, Others are taking advantage of it & Hindus are not understanding it.

    Hindus needs to be like Gujarati’s who are united & there are less castism. If we understand that we are being exploited by media, selfish politicians. We need a leader like Modi, corruptless, clean, able administrator. RSS/VHP/Shiv Sena should bring up leader like him. More that that we Hindus should support leaders like him.

    One more thing, shortly, there will be some vedio on Modi to show that he is corrupt. This can be expected sooner than late, as that is the only way them can bring his strature down.

    Jai Hindusthan.

  38. bharat

    January 20, 2008 at 6:16 pm

    Karan Thapar’s father P N Thapar is a disgraced indian army general, who was forced to resign due to his incompetence in the China war. He hold s the ‘distinction’ of being the ONLY indian army general FORCED to resign for incompetence.

    Karan thapar praised a Pakistani general Yahya khanon his show, our sworn enemy, who was defeated in the bangladesh war by General Manekshaw, Karan’s dubious father’s chief competitor in the Indian army.

    What else do you expect from a traitor like this ? paki balls ? sure, traitor balls ? definitely ! balls of steel, maybe, if it is made in China. =) friggin commie !!

  39. Amrita

    January 21, 2008 at 12:53 am

    Dear Bharat – when you have faced action in three successive wars and put your life at risk, you can talk about the patriotism of army officers. Until then, I’d like to inform you that I’m not only a Delhi girl but also the proud relative of several army officers and the next time you want to sling mud and LIE about people, people who’ve fought for my country and done considrably more for it than a cretin like you will ever do, find some idiot who doesn’t know what’s what.
    As far as praising Pakistanis goes – so I guess LK Advani must be Traitor # 1 seeing his great admiration for Jinnah.

  40. skp

    February 10, 2008 at 10:40 pm

    Dear Amrita, Every actions’s consequesnce is defined by the person who did it, not only by the action. Crores of people in India smokes in public place, but why the minister requested Sharooq to stop it (don’t consider minister requested – but median and people talks about it), because it is Sharroq. Like the same way, an Army personal is supposed to fight for the country, and if required ready to gave up his life for country’s safety. Ofcourse the common man also, but Army is trained in it and it is their primary duty always. So thats why it become a serious issue when an army general do it. Also, the main topic of this page itself is closed by now, the people of Gujarat likes him, and he got awards from India today, Rajive gandhi foundations,,,all these are because of his abilities and development as Gujarat chief minister. One more point, all NDA govts except Punjab already spend more than 50% of money allocated for Prime ministers 15 point minority welfare programme, and all congress rules govts and West bengal spend below 15% and two months are left for this financial year to end!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Sagar

    April 17, 2008 at 4:48 pm

    Hi folks,
    I read all the above comments and found Karun’s comment very sensible (Karun, on January 15th, 2008 at 12:31 pm).
    All of the above who have made comments on riots, very few might be living / lived in Ahmedabad.
    I am the person who has spent my 20 years in Ahmedabad and have seen it very closely.
    When congress was ruling, there was always riots irrupted in every 4/5 months of gap and mostly Hindus get killed. I still remember the 1992 Riots and
    one shocking photo published in newspaper during that period. The photo was of an 50 year old Hindu man who had come for shopping in Lal darwaja of Ahmedabad area but was cut to death with sword and loaded on a stroller (vegetable stroller with 4 cycle tyres) and pushed in the crowded area to create chaos.
    THUS HOW THE 1992 RIOTS WERE INAUGURATED. Cant find more works to explain such shameful act.
    People afraid to go in some Muslim dominated areas like Kalupur, Gomtipur, Juhapura etc. But now the things are changed after Modis rule. Thanks to Modi for giving us a safe living in Ahmedabad / Gujarat.
    I request to all of u to check if there are any statistics on riots in Gujarat / Ahmedabad in past 25 years. Things will be more clear to u.
    It’s easy to comment on anything sitting on a puffy chair with a laptop on desk and with A/C on. 🙂 Stay in Ahmedabad for 2-3 years and than comment on Gujarat.
    Secondly I have seen Muslims in Gujarat(and most over the other parts of India) shows unnecessary snappiness on Hindus. Now Muslims may comment same thing for Hindus . So its a question of egg first or hen.
    Here are few points why Hindus hate Muslims.
    1) Firing of crackers by Muslims when India loose against Pakistan. (There may be few Muslims lightning the crackers but the sound is heard to all of the Hindus)
    2) No family planning (Affects our country’s growth)
    3) Illiterate (congress may be directly responsible for that)
    4) Unfriendly nature
    5) Who mostly is not interested with nations major issues.

    Remember Muslim friends what Newton’s 3rd law say – To every action there is equal and opposite reaction.
    So please start sawing good seeds and join with the main stream.

  42. Indian

    May 8, 2008 at 7:17 am

    To sagar (on April 17th, 2008 at 4:48 pm )

    Good parcticle thought. I am living in ahmedabad for last 2 year.

    You are very true.

    Today in ahmedabad..peole are talking only following points…

    1) Very hot summer!!
    2) BRTS project
    3) Sabarmati river front
    4) Roads & flyover developments.
    5) International finance city
    6) Malls & multiplexes

    So all of you get the idea on above six that ONLY DEVELOPMENT IS GOING ON IN A’BAD & GUJARAT.


    All of you please look at ordinary peoples daiily life

    They are more intrested on folowing

    1) Food
    2) Family & freinds
    3) TV
    4) JOB
    5) Traveling in the city
    6) Sleeping
    7) Othe nesessary activities like bath, toilet & break fast

    Now think from ordinary poeple’ point of view where your all woory about secularism m, minoriteis, narendra modis, muslims, godhara,, etc,etc,,, bla bla matters to these millions of PEOPLE who are very involved in ther day to day life…????

    No way!!!

    Only matters to them is QULITY OF LIFE , MONEY, INFRASTRUCTURE….

    What narendra modi delivers to Gujarat today???

    Simple anwer is 360 degree developpment … kudos to him

    Waht else people want ???

  43. Rajeev

    July 15, 2008 at 7:37 am

    In this interview i see lack of individual reasoning to blame NM. KT is aware what kind of questions he will be putting across to NM, which is not the case with NM.
    Since KT know his question, its obvious that he will be have answers for his own questions and hence its easy for him to attack NM with unrelated questions which NM may find difficult to answer spontaneously. This silence of NM does not make him less popular among his lovers who have an ablitiy to think. Moreover, NM capability should be judged based on his work towards his state. I belive that he has / have / is giving his 100 or above % to his state of GUJARAT.
    KT……………….dont be too happy thinking that no one can deaft u…………………..wait……..i am coming.

  44. hmmmm

    August 31, 2008 at 12:35 am

    After reading a bunch of these comments I conclude:
    1. Narendra Modi is awesome – what he has done for this state is what every state in India should work towards.
    2. Those minorities who continue to harbour extremist factions should be punished so that they learn to live in a democratic country. Otherwise they can go to Pakistan or Afghanistan or Iran or Iraq where they can live by the backward laws of extremist Islam.
    3. It is high time that Islam curbs its extremist activities, generating hatred in their children and in general teaching them that they prime aim in life is to convert everyone around them. Enough is Enough. The hatred for muslims in Gujarat isn’t something that happened overnight – it is the continued agitation by muslim extremists that has caused this. They say “what goes around, comes around”.
    4. If you don’t like Gujarat – LEAVE.
    5. If you don’t like India – LEAVE.

    Peace be with all Gujarati’s who are certainly helping India stand up to bull $h!t tactics by Islamic extremists who have nothing better to do.

  45. Selvarani

    September 10, 2008 at 3:00 pm

    First of all I ask myself the question why I comment on a discussion that started almost a year ago. I am reminded of all the communal clashes I have witnessed even in a cosmopolitan city and of course in all of India. Currently of course the riots in Orissa which do not figure in any mainstream media. The information I have and know is only because of people known to me living and visiting these areas.

    People like Advani and NM are fascists and that explains the admiration for people like Jinnah.

    A hundred rights do not equal one wrong. As KT put it, it is better to come up front and accept responsibility for one’s decisions and failure in carrying a responsibility. It is evident that a Godhra is nothing but the picture of a completely failed state machinery and therefore it’s leader. Now one may always bring about the vox populi line of thought. Now come on ! ! Whom are we kidding here ??? We all know how elections are conducted and won. The recent elections in Karanataka were the worst we have seen. many of us educated people ran from pillar to post trying to cast a vote. THen ofcourse some of us went to the right post only tot be told our names were not on the list ! ! ! ! Voice of the people… democracy… are just words with no meaning left as far as elections go. I am not getting into the whys here coz that is certainly not the issue here.

    KT is not a sleazy journalist. He would be sleazy if he was partial in his treatment but I see him treat all his guests in the same fashion. Some of them volley questions and unsaid line well and some of them do not. Neither is only because of how clean their hands are but also people skills. Many of our leaders have great charisma with the mass but when it comes to a one on, the charisma goes out of the window. If people see this as an interviewer being biased, what can I say but DELUDED.
    Peace be with us and in us. Extremism is not in the hearts of one community but in the hatred that we harbour to one community. So guys look within before you look out and without.

  46. Talati Ruchi Ajaykumar

    October 8, 2008 at 10:43 am

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    thanking you.
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  47. Abj

    October 10, 2008 at 5:40 am

    Modi is a popularly elected CM of the most successful state in India. He is the only strong voice against terrorism in this country of repatedly slaughtered lambs.

    Please strengthen his hands. Dont wait till the islamic bomb blows on your argumentative and pseudo-secularist faces. and this applies to all the communities. If gujarat was really so hostile to muslims, why did you burn hindus in a train? What were you testing? Want to see what happens if a bunch of hindus torch a train in Saudi Arabia, or christains in the great free land of America?

    Karan Thapar is good. but he is useless. all journalists are basically uselss. which jouranist even did anything except commenting and b**ching? Did anyone ever get moved enough to do somthing? No. So they are useless. Arun Shourie is a notable excepting. but he wagered his life in the bofors scandal. If you get too impressed by bullies and bamboozling personalities like karan thapar, you are a lamb.

    As for modi leaving the interview, how much BS anyone can take?

  48. ProudIndianFirstMuslimLater

    October 13, 2008 at 12:20 am

    I think its fair to say Modi knows how to get votes, he administers his state very effectively, invites attractive investment to the state, provides hassle free environment for industrialist to grow and set up industry plants. He projects the image of a dynamic leader and strong willed sympathist of the common man. He takes pride in his state, religion and people. So, given the primarily hindu state of gujurat, from the practical point of view there is little reason to see why people adore him so much.

    But then, there is a side of the story some a) Do not want to face, out of denial or b) Knowingly and proudly endorse causing it an act of ‘just’ and ‘fair’ reaction of a frustrated mob – The State Administred Gujarat Riots largely orchestrated by the administration.

    I don’t see any point trying to convince whether it was wrong or right. I think there was enough evidence on tehelka, proud confessions on T.V. etc. The real fact as we know is the Gujarati People WANTED it to happen and they are happy that it did. They think Modi eradicated terrorism that way, yes.. I agree with them, Modi eradicated terrorism – not by hanging the guys who burnt sabarmati express in Godhra (every muslim would have been happy if he had done that), but by killing defenseless PEOPLE OF GUJARAT of muslim religion. The only thing this did solve was his popularity in Gujarat, because guess what? Terrorism is still rampant in India and Gujarat, if nothing his acts have given more reason for terrorists to attack our beloved country.

    So, his *solution* was basically a short term strategy to gain long term popularity and also create long term divide among us indians.

    Btw. I would be happy to see every Kashmiri Terrorist who ever killed an Indian, hung or put to justice so please don’t give me your crap about ‘what about kashmiri hindus??.. you don’t care about them..’, I would (and every Indian). I would be happy if we live in TRULY safe india, where islamic insurgents are put to justice and given a blow in their face as well as people who burnt gujarat.

    Because, at the end of the day.. its not about ‘revenge’, its about living together, working together. We need our countries leaders to thwart terrorism, from kashmir to gujarat to orissa. Bring EVERYONE to justice and create a clean society not a society fostered by hatred towards one particular religion.

    Jai Hind and may God bless India.

  49. Vikram

    October 13, 2008 at 8:30 pm

    To the Modi defenders above, Narendra Modi failed in his responsibility to protect the lives of Indian citizens. Dont Indians have a right to live ? Why do we always justify/rationalize the deaths of our countrymen on the basis, oh he/she belonged to community X, fringe elements of which did atrocity Y ? Therefore, its okay for random person Z of that community to be killed in a riot. No amount of economic growth can bring back the dead, Hindu or Muslim.

    To the rabid right wing ‘Hindus’ posting here, next time atleast think of the Hindus who died in those riots, it could have been your/mine mother, father, sister or friend. Maybe then you will realize value of human life.

  50. Sharat

    November 18, 2008 at 4:58 pm

    Merchant of Death to Terrorism…
    Merchant of Death to Corruption…
    Merchant of Death to Nepotism….
    Merchant of Death to Bueruacratic Inefficiency….

    Narendra Modi….We need you to be PM of India to root out these evils from our Society…..

  51. Hades

    November 21, 2008 at 5:55 am

    Oooh! A Rediff Discussion™! How exciting!

    I didn’t know you had these on your blog too, Amrita.

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