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Kareena + Saif = $$$?

We really need to come up with a cool international symbol for the Rupee. At the least it’d help me out in situations like the above title. Oh well.

What I really wanted to do though, was inquire if you’re one of those people out there who watch a movie based on who the lead actor/actress is currently dating. Personally, I’ve always thought if you’re so invested in a stranger’s lovelife that you’re willing to spend money on it, then you need to stop and examine things a little. While reclining on Dr. Somebody’s couch.

I mean, if you’re a (and I say this with the utmost affection) Brangeloony, then your idols are only a click of the mouse away – you can see them drop their kids off at school and pick them up again all you want for free. You can see them grab each other’s ass on red carpets around the world and look gorgeous doing it. If their security wasn’t so good, you’d probably have seen them brushing their teeth every morning. So really, why would you go to the movies, fork over the ticket money, then pay extra for stale popcorn and extremely overpriced candy (always of a brand that you’d never buy anywhere else) and watch them act? Especially when someone somewhere in cable-land is always playing Mr and Mrs Smith?

In any case, didn’t the whole Bennifer craziness that surrounded Gigli pretty much prove that tabloid frenzy doesn’t equal box office success? Even Ben Affleck seems to have understood that. And he’s the guy who decided it would be a great idea to star with his girlfriend in her music video at the height of Bennifer mania. Take that paparazzi! Who’s sorry now?

But then DNA has this to say on the recently confirmed Kareena Kapoor-Saif Ali Khan hook up:

But will the chemistry translate on-screen as well, or will it go the Shahid-Kareena way? Says trade analyst Amod Mehra, “Audiences will not make the switch as quickly as Kareena and Saif have. They still picture Kareena and Shahid because they have been going around together for the last three years. It will take some time for the fact to sink in. I feel producers will be cautious and gauge their chemistry on-screen in ‘Tashan’ before giving them any price they want.”

Wow, I didn’t know I was so invested in the Kareen-Shahid Kapoor relationship. It must be why their last few outings at the boxoffice together bombed: somebody forgot to inform the audience that they cared so deeply.

Irony of ironies though, I’m actually looking forward to Jab We Met. I guess it took me three years and a break up to open my eyes. Or maybe I just like good writing and Imtiaz Ali has been on my watchlist ever since I saw Socha Na Tha.

Hmm, I don’t know which of the two to cop to. Am I a crazed fan of a B-list ex-couple or do I just like bad movies with the potential to be so much better?

Anyway, next on the Kareena-Saif plate is Tashan from YashRaj. With Omkara under their belt, they’re already doing much better than Kareena and Shahid ever did. Aw, poor itty bitty Shahid. Cheer up, maybe the movie will now do well.



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