Enrique Iglesias is Ringside

09 Oct

Have you ever heard a song and had it instantly strike a chord with you? Slow song, fast song, special song, nonsense song, singalong song, driving song… anything? I run across those from time to time and they’re the best thing ever. It’s like your life now has a purpose and it’s to figure out every last thing about this new avenue of music that’s opened up.

Okay, so maybe that’s just me and my borderline obsessive/compulsive personality (family weakness, please excuse). But I’m sure you understand the feeling of just having discovered something that positively makes you want to proselytize, it’s just so good! Unless you really don’t care for music in which case think of something else that you really like – TV shows, cars, women, speedos, whatever it is that gets you saying, “Hallelujah! Let me spread the word!”

Got it?

So, that was me when I first stumbled across the song “Tired of Being Sorry” by a band named Ringside.

I have no idea why I love this song so much because the person in that song is absolutely not me – well, maybe I’d be the girl in the video (above) but I hadn’t seen the video when I first heard it. All I had was a tiny Quicktime audio player playing this amazing song and I fell in love. I must have made a couple of dozen people listen to it. No, seriously, I would pester people until they listened to it and then told me they loved it. If, by mistake, they said they didn’t love it, then I’d bug them some more until they changed their mind and told me they loved it. Of course, by that point they’d probably have told me that yes, the sun revolves around the earth if that could get me to shut up but did I care? No. Being my friend has its downside.

So… I love this song. Have we established that? Good. Then I saw the video and there was even more to love!

In the first place, it was directed by Joaquin Phoenix on whom I’ve had a crush since Gladiator. I know, right? Gladiator! Creepy, incestuous bad guy who does terrible, terrible things! And yet, so hot!

I think I’ve mentioned my shallowness before, so I don’t know why this would surprise you.

But here he was, directing a video – of this song that I absolutely loved. Written in the stars, I tell you. And what was this? This was Scott Thomas and Balthazar Getty (Brothers and Sisters, Alias). Q: If the mercury explodes out of the thermometer, does it mean something or someone is super hot?

And then, a couple of days back, I had the TV on for background noise as I read the paper in the morning… and I heard this familiar sound. I looked up and caught Enrique Iglesias at his eye-fucking best. You know what I’m talking about: that intense, mascara-laden stare that leaps out of the screen and crawls all over you. Other people have tried it but Iglesias is a master of it. Personally, I’m all for intensity but visual groping is a no-no.

So I gave a mental shrug and turned back to my paper… when something about the song he was singing tugged at my attention. No, I thought. It couldn’t be. Could it?

It could. Sob!

It’s not like this is the worst cover ever of a song or that the video is somehow worse than all the other Iglesias videos out there – in fact, this video does exactly what all his other videos do and the song has only been minimally tampered with, perhaps because Scott Thomas produced it. And let’s face it, Iglesias can sing. He’s not the poster boy of what modern technology can do for the human voice or anything.

It’s just that when you add the two, what you get is such a soppy mess, when compared to the original. And because I like to belabor the point, here’s Ringside with one of their slower songs, “Criminal”.


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4 responses to “Enrique Iglesias is Ringside

  1. desigirl

    October 9, 2007 at 3:45 pm

    hmm you like the phoenix? i can go with that. gagging over iglesias’ music is any normal, human reaction. now i shall HAVE to check out the song that made you sing in raptures. (it had better be good, is all am saying!)

  2. Amrita

    October 11, 2007 at 10:56 am

    well? what did you think?

  3. DesiGirl

    October 15, 2007 at 4:04 am

    I really like the Ringside number. I put up with Iglesias’ breathless crooning for 2 seconds before I had to shut down. I think I shall go and listen to the first song again to see if I can erase version 2 from my head.

  4. Amrita

    October 15, 2007 at 2:41 pm

    try snow patrol if nothing else works! 🙂

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