John Gibson vs. Jon Stewart

18 Aug

I know this is a few days old but… Fox vs. Comedy Central, John Gibson vs. Jon Stewart – damn, it’s like spaghetti declaring war on a fork. But Gibson presumably knew what he was doing when he called for a second 9/11. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me present the following in it’s proper order:

In 2001, New York City became the poster child of terrorism and the world was never the same again. It’s six years later and we’re still trying to understand the “new” realities of this world in which we live, into which we will bring our children and hope to see our grandchildren.

Nobody who’s ever lived through an experience that horrific, no matter where they live, could ever wish it on another person. Nobody in their right mind at all events. I was telling this other, older, blogger the other day that I don’t remember a time before terrorism. Literally – I can’t remember a time when someone or the other hasn’t wanted to terrorize me.

I have always lived my life under the shadow of extremist threat. Even as a toddler, I’ve always had to slow down for police checkpoints and had my luggage rifled for explosives rather than contraband.

I don’t give myself airs about it, I don’t think that’s an “interesting” facet of my life or ask for anyone’s sympathy or for extra amounts of understanding. It’s not something I introduce into the general conversation at cocktail parties – because there are millions more like me out there. Millions. Spanning almost every country, every continent. Some worse off, some better, all of us affected.

It’s just that on 9/11, the focus shifted abruptly to America. The last bastion, it seemed, had fallen. It was like a scene from a bad disaster movie. That you couldn’t switch off. And this is what Jon Stewart, not only an American but a New Yorker, had to say in it’s aftermath:

Six years later, here’s what John Gibson, all around good guy and credible journalist, had to say, completely out of the blue.

How do you spell “attention whore” again? Anyway, Gibson further said:

Is it just me or does Gibson really, really, really want to be Rush Limbaugh? In which case, just a suggestion: if you’re getting your ass hammered by a guy on OxyContin then perhaps it’s time to read the writing on the wall. Oh wait… read? Never mind. If he’d wanted to read before speaking then he might have read the freakin’ Constitution before throwing his weight behind things like wire tapping and Guantanamo Bay. And here’s what Stewart had to say when he interviewed Stephen Hayes:

PS – I don’t know how long the videos will be up because of the whole Viacom nonsense so check out the Comedy Central homepage for videos if the ones above disappear.


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