Karl Rove Quits WH, Will Prophesy Instead

14 Aug

From Gothamist

Karl Rove will exit the White House on August 31 to “spend more time orchestrating a whispering campaign against his family,” says Ann Marie Cox at the Swampland. :mrgreen:

I think that’s a bit harsh. Rove is obviously leaving the White House to pursue other avenues of work – like soothsaying and crystal ball gazing. Consider his question and answer session with the White House Press Corps, freely littered with his usual brand of sunny predictions, such as:

  • President Bush will continue to be President until Jan 20, 2009
  • He (Rove) will (continue to) pull strings from the outside
  • He will offer opinion that might contribute towards the election of another Republican to the White House
  • He’ll never go to jail. Period.
  • He will “do” a book
  • The American people will realize that the surge in Iraq is “working” and thus Dubya will once more become the darling of the masses
  • Hispanics will hate the GOP
  • He has no advice for Democrats
  • Nothing in politics is permanent
  • …except, perhaps, for the effect Rove has had on the GOP
  • He’s going to miss his colleagues a lot more than they’re going to miss him

He also displayed his famously excellent recall skills unlike that other loyalist, Alberto Gonzales, remembering down to the day, location and general ambiance of the Oval Office, when he’d brought up the subject of resignation with the President. I guess that’ll help with the subpoenas everybody can hear around the corner. He then mocked the idea of the President “running the free world” before holding out the tantalizing possibility that his wife might do the job that so many have wished to do for the past several years i.e. put period to his existence but I fear that was just more of that whispering campaign thing.

Or wait! Perhaps he was making a funny? No, I’ll go with “whispering campaign”. More for the President to pardon him for later on.

Meanwhile, even as Dick Morris pledges his love for Rove on national television (fat chance, buddy! Turdblossom and Bush 4Ever!), check out what the rest of the MSM (including the infamous Bob Novak) are saying here.


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4 responses to “Karl Rove Quits WH, Will Prophesy Instead

  1. Anita Marie

    August 16, 2007 at 8:01 pm

    The thing of it is, Rove isn’t human – so you can’t predict what he’ll end up doing by human standards- I think his plans involves flying monkeys and spaceships, but I’m in the minority on that one.

    and the only person here in the States who has any use for Bush is maybe his wife.

    And his Dog.


    PS your blog is !GREAT!


  2. Amrita

    August 17, 2007 at 2:21 pm

    From the look on his face, I think Barney might have turned 😀 Thanks for the compliment, I think yours is fantastic 🙂

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