Harry Potter, Mohammad Haneef, John McCain

16 Jul

Am I the only one who didn’t make the trip out to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix?

Yeah, sorry, I know – the world’s going to hell in a handbasket and I really ought to drum up some concern but my mind’s still reeling from news of all the Pottermania. I still have absolutely no use for the movies but I’m a curious little cat and I must say all this buzz is making me wonder.

Anyhoo, above is Daniel Radcliffe, Harry Potter and richest teen in Britain, in his starring turn in the play Equus. Hey, if I was making 50 million before my 18th birthday playing a boy wizard, I’d be a little scared of getting typecast too – and everybody knows riding a horse naked on stage is the surefire way to avoid that.



Okay, so back to the real world wherein Indian doctor Mohammad Haneef is currently languishing in jail in an Australian jail. In the beginning, the understanding was that he might be involved in the failed UK terror plot of a few weeks ago (Aussie media carried reports of how Haneef was going to detonate the bombs from Australia by using his cell phone – Aussie police shot those suggestions down but al Qaeda called and said, “Thanks, Aussie media. That’s a great suggestion!”).

Turns out the only thing Haneef did wrong was that he wasn’t a bigger Nosy Parker – had he only been the kind of relative none of us wants around us, he might be visiting his family in Bangalore today. So the Aussie police charged him for being “reckless” in passing on a SIM card i.e. he had no fucking idea what that SIM card was going to be used for but because he passed it on, he “recklessly” aided a terror attack.

The Aussie court that heard the charge set him a bail because, um, apparently you still can’t send people to jail for the crime of being born in the same family as a terrorist. So the Aussie government immediately revoked his visa for failing a “character” test.

Welcome to the 21st century folks – here, passing on a SIM card automatically makes you “characterless” (say it in full Amitabh Bachchan from Chupke Chupke accent to fully appreciate the charge).


All this made my head hurt, so I went over to the Mad Momma’s blog coz I figured raising a kid or two must be harder than sitting around feeling mad. And found her asking questions too!

“Are you where you planned to be?” she asks. I told her yes but on further thought, I think I’m where I’m suited to be.

My original plan was to become a forger. However, once my mother helpfully pointed out the possibility of jail, I decided I’d become a doctor instead. Unfortunately, that’s a lot of hard work and yucky besides so I decided I’d study hard, get my doctorate by the time I turned 27, marry, travel for a bit, have two kids and die by the time I was thirty three or so because let’s face it – thirty? That’s way old.

Funny thing, though. Thirty isn’t all that far away now and it doesn’t look like the end of the line anymore. Hmmm.

From Time - Chris Morris

It looks like the end of the line for someone else though: John McCain. Pity, coz with all his faults, he was still the one person in the Republican lineup that I liked. (Well, Ron Paul too but how realistic a chance does he have?)


And to close things up, here’s Apu with a post on the hemlines of airline stewardesses. Happy Monday, everybody!


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7 responses to “Harry Potter, Mohammad Haneef, John McCain

  1. some body

    July 16, 2007 at 2:15 pm


    if your head has some (tolerance to) hurt left – or if you have some prozac lying around – you might want to check out this website, and watch some of rev. dr. paul’s youtube videos. would the word bigot adequately describe him? i wonder!

    – s.b.

  2. Fleiger

    July 16, 2007 at 7:59 pm

    Dan does a bit more that just ride the horses on stage in the play, you know. The horses do get a raw deal.

    BTW, the play also had “Vernon Dursley” in a major role.

  3. apu

    July 16, 2007 at 11:33 pm

    I am really surprised about Dr Haneef. (or should we be in this World of Bush-and-Blair) . I dont have an issue with the authorities detaining him for 10 days if thats what it took to collect all the background etc. BUT. How can a Minister decide that he doesnt pass the character test if the courts have allowed him bail…

  4. Aditya

    July 17, 2007 at 12:48 am

    Oh, don’t worry, you aren’t alone about the Harry Potter thing. I find that it’s not a great idea to catch the show on the release date. Wait a couple of days and ask your friends, the ones who’ve seen the movie for a review. Its a great way to avoid the big-budget-but-not-so-well-made movies.

    About the Haneef ordeal- I just ask this of you…. Imagine what the situation would have been like if it was an Australian/British/American doctor caught under the same circumstances in a place like India…. The government reactions, media coverage, the hypocrisy of the whole thing.

  5. Amrita

    July 17, 2007 at 12:07 pm

    SB – ew! that’s not MY dr. paul! that guy’s a loony!

    Flieger – yup, he blinds em too! peach of a guy šŸ˜€ I didn’t know that about Vernon Dursley.

    Apu – Howard really wants to be in on the Bush-Blair action and now that Brown is in, he’s really auditioning hard for the Blair role. And this is an election year and this is called votebank politics. it’s disgusting.

    Aditya – well, you and me can keep our money out of the 140 million jackpot šŸ˜€ I’ll probably wait for the dvds and once I’ve finished reading the last book (three days!) watch em at one shot.
    As for Haneef, you know what was running through my mind? Remember that Australian girl who was jailed in Indonesia or something after they found drugs in her bag? I remember the hoopla surrounding that trial and the commentary and then i see this case and I’d really like to throw something. Now they’re going to deport him, “regardless of the outcome of the trial” they say. Then why don’t they just deport him?

  6. Aditya

    July 17, 2007 at 1:16 pm

    Bingo! Just the example I was looking for about the Haneef thing.

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