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Yesterday was Father’s Day and while I never write about things like that, I figured I’d make an exception this time around because, hey! It was a Sunday! About three quarters of the way in, I suddenly remembered why I never write about this sort of thing – it depresses the hell out of me.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s Friendship Day or Mother’s Day or Take a Grandparent to Fifth Grade Day. Writing about them always makes me think of that other day when I’m going to be all alone, the last miserable survivor of a once happy family/circle of friends and it immediately kills any joy I might have initially felt.

Aren’t you glad you came by to read this blog today? That’s what I thought. :mrgreen:

Shankar Jaikishen with Mohd. RafiBut as I’m a generally awesome person, I thought I’d share my secret cheer-up method with y’all. And that secret method is… sad Hindi film music! Hence, Lachrym-usic! Get it? (Oh, quit your moaning, it’s not that bad.)

Look, in the ordinary run of things, these songs can be terrifically moving. But in certain other circumstances, like when you’re really depressed? Listen to these, in no particular order, from the masters:

Kishore Kumar: Mere Mehboob Qayamat Hogi

Emotional blackmail never sounded more poetic. There’s something about the line, “Aaj ruswa teri galiyon mein mohabbat hogi” that makes me want to simultaneously swoon and slap his (generic “his”, rabid Kishore fans please note) face.

Manna Dey: Kasme Waade Pyaar Wafa

This is one of my all time favorite poor-me songs. The cynicism here is so sublime, it’s universally applicable. Did your girlfriend ditch you? Sing this song! Did your dad refuse to buy you that chocolate? Sing this song! Did your mom send you to your room? Sing this song! Were you passed over for promotion? Sing this song! Did somebody die? Sing this song! I love it!

Mohammad Rafi: Kya Hua Tera Vaada

The guilt monster is here! Let’s face it, if that funny looking guy hadn’t broken out this song, do you seriously think he’d have had a chance against Rishi Kapoor? I don’t go for the baby face, but if those were my two choices? I’m going with the baby. Proof positive this song is magic.

RD Burman: Dil Lena Khel Hai Dildar Ka

Alright! Now we’re talking! This song might technically be about lovers but it’s all about the fight. RD rips the heart out and stomps on it. Play games with my heart, will you? Well take this and this motherfucker! Yeah! On a sidenote, I didn’t realize how loud this thing was until I heard it played back on my iPod. Ouch. Proceed with caution. And I must have blocked out the introduction – which is the best part!

Geeta Dutt: Waqt ne Kiya

All the sad women-centric songs irritate the hell out of me. They are so incredibly commonplace in their sadness unlike the great male ones. But there’s the odd honorable exception and this is one of them.

Mithoon: Zindagi ne

They just don’t make them like they used to. But this was a pretty good effort. Be current AND a crybaby!

Mukesh: Dost, Dost na Raha

What? Did you think I’d forget this? No freakin’ way! This is such an enormous guilt trip that it took three separate actors to act it out! Watch the video:


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