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Sarah Silverman on Paris Hilton

I was going to add this to the entry below but then decided it deserved a post all its own. It’s the first time I was ever sad to miss the MTV Awards. Enjoy!

PS – Jack Nicholson? Freaks me out.


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Hugo Chavez & Paris Hilton

It’s a big world out there, isn’t it? This past weekend further curbs were set on freedom around the world. So I thought I’d choose two example, polar opposites really, to illustrate that point.

First up, a little trip to Caracas. When was the last time you thought about Hugo Chavez, the hot stepping, Castro loving, Bush hating, America demonizing, oil selling, President of Venezuela? His latest act was to axe a television network that didn’t think he was the best thing since sliced bread. KAL from The Economist, one of my favorite cartoonists, gives his take:

KAL/The Economist

You can see more of the Kallery here. Do check out the animated George Bush.

In other news, up north in sunny California, Paris Hilton went to jail! Yup, that’s the spectrum people. I went there. Deal with it.

She’s already pissed off the inmates who say all the special arrangements made by jail authorities out to save Paris from jailhouse love (including a solitary cell) have further inconvenienced an already overcrowded facility. Paris, though, might just make lemonade out of her bitter lemons. Reports suggest she’ll keep a diary a la Jeffrey Archer when he was sent to prison.

Going by her track record however (did you hear that UB40 just sued her former label for plagiarizing their song for Paris’ debut called, um, I don’t remember, something about stars shining – Twinkle Twinkle?) you really shouldn’t expect the next great literary event out of this stay in the slammer.

This promises to be the last of Gallery of the Absurd‘s Paris series, so enjoy:

14/Gallery of the Absurd


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