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More Readalicious

It’s a long, lazy Sunday and I thought I’d link today.

EditIndia – I’ve been bitching about the state of Indian television for a long time now. As bad as regular TV can be, the news channels are beyond belief with all their sensationalism, anchors who regularly hector when they’re not yelling and unbearable sanctimony. Get over it dudes, you’re reading the news – it doesn’t make you an elevated being, it makes you background noise. EditIndia isn’t the most regularly updated blog in the world, but it makes up in quality over quantity. To read it is to have an overview of TV in India. This week: the NDTV sting operation.

Cubically Challenged – I was introduced to Apu’s World by Desi Girl. It’s one of the best I’ve ever read with a focus on entrepreneurship. It’s sort of a look at India in transition through it’s business. Now she’s got a brand new feature up called Entrepreneur Watch about starting and operating a small business. The first interview was with Deepa Krishnan who co-founded Filter Coffee Tours in Chennai and Mumbai Magic in, where else, Mumbai. She wants to hear from you too.

Silverine – I found this one on Desipundit and I laughed so hard because it immediately reminded me of my best friend who keeps asking me whether I know this person and that person and… wait, that’s every Malayalee I know. Age no bar, religion no bar, caste no bar. OH MY GOD, we are all related!

Coffee & Conversation – I just came across Dhivya today through her recent Desicritics rant about The Great Indian Brat, which was hilarious. I then spent an enjoyable hour or so just reading about life in Bangalore, ads, movies and more.

Of Cats and Dags – You might have noticed that this blog (Indiequill) is pretty much all over the place. It sort of reflects what I like to read: everything! And as such The Piker is interesting because that’s what he writes about: everything! Well, ok, that’s a generalization… but give him time. Life is long.

I leave you with this because other people’s hyperactive kids are always hilarious [as long as they’re not in my house].


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