Are You Voting for Sanjaya Malakar?

26 Mar

‘Coz you and I need to have some words if you are!

Who knew a 17-year-old half-Indian/half-Italian kid would bring out such passion in people? I’ve written about him twice and I don’t even have strong feelings about him… more like about the circumstances that are building around him week after week.

From Bodogbeat

But man! If he hangs around a little longer and I write another piece then I’ll have to enter the witness protection program because they’re gonna hunt me down! You think I’m kidding but you have no clue.

The first article was published at Desicritics and it addressed the issue of whether it was fair on everybody’s part to claim Sanjaya as an “Indian” and thus try and establish a connection where a very slim one existed. Some people understood what I was getting at. For others, I got called a racist for my pains and that was that.

Then I wrote about the conspiracy theories that shroud his continued existence on Idol and I don’t know what holy cow I butchered but a couple of people seem bothered by my lack of Sanjaya love. Look, I’m sorry but little boys don’t appeal to me especially when they’re busy killing Diana Ross songs. This one can be found at Desicritics as well as DesiDabba, a new destination for all you TV obsessed peeps to check out.

This kid better be worth it, is all. Get a record contract, you hear? Then I can tell everyone I dissed you first!

Well, I was in the first million to diss you anyway.

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