Get Up and Go!

03 Mar

Such a pain! Moving house is always a terrific ache in the backside. Not to mention your noggin, your wallet and everything else. But when envy drives you, everything becomes so much easier.

I was real serious about Reading India when it started and I continue to like a lot about it. But that whole drippy earnest style just isn’t me. Let’s face it, I don’t do the straight guy, er, person well. Too many jokes, too much ego, too little throb in my itty bitty heart.

And when you add the general fantastic-ness of this site… hey, I might be a real luddite and everything (no cell phone, can you believe it? If you want to get in touch with me then you can wait a little) but even I can see the light on occasion. Look at iPods. You think I couldn’t see what a sweet, sweet baby that was?

So here I am. Deal with it.

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